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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Really Spring

I am writing this post in honor of my husband!

Well, spring has officially arrived in our home - my husband who has had a winter of working hard here at home is back to working hard on construction AND here. It'll take awhile to get used to the new regular change back to normal life.

In the winter, my husband takes the boys back and forth to school for me every morning, unless he has something big going on. He will rework his schedule just to take them in the morning. This gives me the morning to sleep in, wear my pj's extra long, exercise while he is gone and gives me an excuse to have a yummy breakfast in the morning (cuz he makes me omelets).

We settle into a relaxed schedule. It's wonderful! I go from having to run all errands to the store and being the 'mom taxi' to getting all kinds of help and being taken care of and I soak it all up. It's great. I feel all loved well cared for.

In the spring/summer/fall seasons, I do it all. My husband puts in long hours at his 'regular' job and then he puts in even more hours here at home with the garden (I don't know if you can call seven or eight acres of perfectionly cared for vegetables a 'garden'.) and we do just fine and dandy working that way but the winter is our time to reconnect. And by the time winter rolls around, we NEED to reconnect!

But in the winter we get lazy, we relax and sure, sometimes get on each other's nerves. The boys love coming home to see their Daddy and getting his help on homework. They wish they could stay home, they are sure that when Daddy is home we have all sorts of fun. And they are sort of right, we go out for lunch and breakfast sometimes and we don't ever EVER do that any other time.

So Wednesday began our day back into 'real life'.

My boys do not think it nearly as cool to arrive at school in our suburban than to arrive in their Daddy's pride and joy a rusty, old, covered in bumper stickers little gray car. I will admit here that I broke down and got them a new CD to help them enjoy the ride a bit more (- or was that me who needs to enjoy the ride more, not hearing how Daddy goes a LOT faster than this? or that Daddy does donuts, etc.....)

My husband and I have this little game we play. I once asked him what I did that made him feel loved. He said it was making up his special coffee. Now he holds his coffee up and lets me know when it gone or rattles a spoon to let me know it's gone. He gives me the most devilish grin when he does, and it's really funny to see people's reaction to him telling me to 'hop to' to get his coffee not knowing it's a game we play. I missed getting him his coffee in the worst way yesterday.

And while I was wandering the house lost and in a very sleepy state from getting up way earlier than I have in weeks(remember, I said I was getting lazy over the winter!), hearing our youngest say every five minutes "where is my Daddy? where are my guys?" I wondered, did I tell my husband how much I appreciate all the little things he did for me while he was home? Does he know I appreciate him?

Does your husband know you appreciate him?

Just something heavy on my mind today...................................

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