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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our First Year of Marriage...Was Awful

Recently, two couples we know were engaged. This fall we attended a fairy tale wedding.  Unfortunately, these weddings and engagements make me... 

1.  Feel super duper old because the couple married was Sue's oldest son - whom I met as a boy MY SON's age now - and the weddings coming up? I was visitor at the hospital when one of them was born and the other couple is one of my other best friends son.  Apparently I have VERY old friends because I am just now 20 and I don't know why this boy taller than me calls me Mama.

2. They instantly make us recall our wedding and that makes us recall our first year of marriage.

3. Jake always begins to corner some poor couple and dispense upon them the stories of horror of our first year of marriage....which sorta ruins the entire bliss of "we'll live happily ever after."

He always begins with, "Our first year as horrible."  He then moves on to, "Hope you like hamburger helper," he then gags, "Cuz we lived on hamburger helper and..." he pauses to shudder, "I can't stand the thought of that stuff."

Today when he said this to the unsuspecting couple I waited for him to follow through with, "But we are happy now and she is a good cook."

Or even, "She can cook now." Or..."We haven't eaten hamburger helper in fourteen years,"

Also, it is worth noting, he won't eat hamburger helper and makes this huge stink about it but he WILL eat canned ravioli and spam.  Yes, spam.

Wait, maybe that makes me sound worse.  And this is my blog.  I like to look good here.

Today he did not follow through with how much better every part of our life is now and when we got home I *may* have cornered him on that.  "You have to follow through with something to look forward to, you can't just make marriage sound terrible.  And maybe they will be happy their first year of marriage."

To which a son will say, "I think you are eating ravioli this week, Daddy."  Which isn't really punishment, hamburger helper would be, however. 

So this is my Sunday rant....

If you are just getting married - guess what, marriage is tough.  It also can be the funnest adventure you have ever been on.  And it goes WAY faster than one can imagine.  

Our first year of marriage was terrible.  Our second year was rough, but better.  Our third year things finally started to click.  And we have seasons where things are rough.  Times when life just hurts.  But it was worth it to pull through.  It's bound to happen again too, tough spots, rough seasons.  But there is no one else I can possibly even imagine spending my life with.

Because I am head over heels in love with my husband. 

I think he kinda likes me too.

He does not, however, like hamburger helper.  Funny though, because the boys DO like hamburger helper and we eat it when he isn't home.

I'll end this ranting post with this video.  This song is sorta our theme song.  When it comes on we grin and say, "Hey, it's our song!"

And this is the song that Jake has been singing all afternoon.  He especially belts out, "Eating burnt suppers the whole first year."

He thinks he is soooooo funny.

I would not want to get married again.  I would like a big ol party with all my friends and me in a new dress but not a wedding reception again.  I would not ever to like to relive that first year we were married - ever.  As in ever ever ever, like Jake never ever wants to eat Hamburger Helper.   Then again, maybe it makes us appreciate us as a married couple now. 

 Am I glad we were married?

You bet.

And I have more fun with him now than I ever imagined, even in my most wild imaginative moments.  

Tough?  Yes.  Worth it?  Totally more than I could ever say.

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Amy said...

Because I was still in college and graduate school, we didn't even live together full time for the first 2 1/2 years. But, 21 1/2 years later it seems to have been okay. ;)