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Monday, July 6, 2009

Chickie Update

Well, today we had our first Chickie accident.

Chickie came in to visit. Since S3 didn’t want to share his chocolate chip pancakes, he decided to give Chickie a tour of the messiest two bedrooms in the whole world instead. He placed Chickie on his blue Tonka flatbed semi truck and drove him thru a maze of toys.

Chickie was either so impressed that he was riding on a semi truck or sure he’d die by piles of toys and clothes falling on him that he let a little chickie poop plop out.

S3, who has assured me his Chickie does not poop at all, was shocked and decided to sneak Chickie back out of the bedroom before anyone noticed.

As soon as he walked out the back door, S4 comes banging down the steps (he does nothing quiet) hollering “yuck!” with every step. That’s twelve ‘yuck’s’. I had figured out by then that something might be up. He explained to me that there was chicken guck on his truck.

Just as S3 was walking back into the house. So, he had the job of cleaning it up.
S3 assures me it was an accident, Chickie is sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Yah, I'll keep you updated on that!

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