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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Technology Camping

If you bring technology camping, are you really camping?

I brought my Blackberry camping. As if I would not. It’s my cell phone, someone may need to get a hold of me!

Actually, it’s just my husband.

We had more fun this week being away from eachother than ever before. I would send him a picture of the fish S2 caught, the dinner we were grilling or I would type him out an email on the phone “I am awake, the raccoons ate our trash”, or “I am at the beach working on getting blonder hair and darker skin” or some other very meaningful message. He emailed me photos of the tomatoes greening up, the fact that he got our favorite Chocolate Malt Twist ice cream from the Schwans man or some scene from work.

S1 informed me before I left that it’s not camping if you are on your phone.

And then he asked if he could talk to Daddy or if I could email Daddy his picture.

When my husband arrived to camp with us on the weekend, I didn’t send but two emails…to my mom.

I tried not to be on facebook too much, but we have a house for rent and questions were sent my way. And R told me to read this really great book and I HAD to tell her I had read it and it was great!

When it was time to leave camping, my husband was shocked I wasn’t ready to go yet. I was wearing jeans that had sand in all the creases, my toes were freshly painted orange but you couldn’t tell anymore, all my towels were hanging on the sides of the camper. But really, all I missed was my computer. My blog. How sad – or how grand – is that? All I need is sun, water, my family, coffee, my dog and my blog.

My mom called me today to inform me that DP and GM think we (my mom has a blackberry too) on our phones way too much.

But we had weather forcasts right at our fingertips, literally! I read the story about the rattlesnake in someones basement and the high speed chase on the highway by our house. You have to know these things, right?

Well, some of them you do.

So, to me dear lovely sisters, I am sorry if you thought my phone was more important than you. Because it wasn’t. I had way more fun with you two and your two little ones.

And to my husband, I had more fun with my phone this week than I ever have before, I am soooooo glad we have them! And to the blogosphere, I sure appreciate you all! Thanks for giving me reasons to write out all the fun stories in my life and sharing them all with you!

And DP, I grill better than you! HA!

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