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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is the Problem Going on Here?

I woke up sleepily to hear the older two boys wrestling on the living room floor. S4, who was snuggled sound asleep next to me, jumped up, ran sleepily out the door and declared authoritively, “What is the problem going on here?”

He was promptly screeching while his brothers tackled him to tickle him.

I smiled to myself, rolled over and studied the clock. I had ten minutes to get us all out of the house in time to take S2 to summer school.

That was the problem going on here.

I quickly hollered at the boys to “eat fast! Get dressed! Wake up your brother! Move move move!”

We scrambled. I pulled on a pair of jeans under my husband’s t-shirt I had been sleeping in. I would have just put on my glasses but they are still in the camper. I quick downed a glass of water and the boys, cereal dripping from the mouths of the two oldest while the two youngest cried they were starving, and we were running out the door.

I asked S2 if he would mind S1 taking him down to his class. He began to tear up and so I decided I would do this. I could do this. I could walk into school sleepy headed and drop him off at his class. I mean, really, I only ever see maybe one to three people in the hall in the morning. Everyone has bad days….

We pulled into school and the whole entire summer school group was outside the front door, singing songs and doing exercises. Every teacher watched me walk up with S2, kiss his hat and wave goodbye.

I am so setting my alarm for tomorrow. I so wish we were still camping.

More camping stories to come tomorrow.

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