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Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware of the Name Stinky

As I write this, I am wearing a crown.

No joke.

Some lovely friend of ours gave us a bag full of hats to S4 and S3 thought we all should sit around tonight with one on. He and I were the only ones who kept one on but S3 has long since fell asleep on the couch beside me as we watch Miracle for the upteenth hundredth time but for the first time on our brand new Blu Ray that my hubby won at his Christmas party so we are feeling spoiled rotten and watching Husband's all time favorite movie...or at least on his top ten list.
There has been so much going on these past days that I have had no time to write at all. And even Husband has mentioned I have more than enough to write about...funny how when life is most write worthy I have no time!

So there has been Christmas shopping, Christmas programs, practices, Christmas parties, S4's issues, S1's special dinner, S3's special reward, S2's fashion advice.....

All upcoming blogs. I just have to write you this teaser now.

But here is a thought to leave you with...

A few days ago, S4 was sitting on the toilet and stinking just terribly.

“Ewww! You are STINKY!” I declared.

Instantly his feelings were hurt. “Why you call me Stinky?” he asked.

“Cuz you are super stinky!” I laughed. I should not have laughed.

“I don't like that name. I not Stinky.” He explained to me.

Every single day now, no matter how many times I have apologized, S4 will say to me.

“Remember when you call me Stinky? I did not love that so don't do that again.”

Sometimes, you just can't win.

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Anonymous said...

So Denise...are you saying that your "stuff" doesn't stink??? ;P