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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Found Our House

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of you and Merry Christmas season to all of you! I apologize for not blogging earlier (it's been EIGHT days) but we were swamped busy for five of them and now I have a cold and my head is all fuzzy. I do not look pretty at all....and I have sent the boys outside to run hard on this clear blue sky day so I can catch up with all you, my dear friends! Besides, they need to run off some energy before the snow storm hits this weekend and I need let the 'get charged' tea I am drinking to charge up my fuzzy brain.

All that to tell you this story....................

The tooth fairy arrived at our house last night.

S3 has kept 1st Lost Tooth on tour for quite some time. It spent a few days lost in it's home baggie under some laundry but nothing too traumatic. It was finally time to bid it goodbye and hope the tooth fairy really did exist.

Somehow, S3 has in mind that the tooth fairy gives out gold dollars for first tooth lost. Since he has another loose tooth, I have a sneaky guess that tooth 2 will need a gold dollar too.
S1 and S2 came pounding down the steps an hour after they had been sent to bed to get another pee and drink and to inform Daddy that S3 was sound asleep. “Go be a tooth fairy!” they giggled to Husband who retorted, “Hey, don't be calling me a fairy!”

Visions of husband as Tinker Bell made me laugh out loud.

He was able to remove the tooth from the bag and leave the bag and the gold Sacajawea coin behind. This morning, Husband didn't have to be to work until later and as we laid in our bed to get a few more morning snooze minutes in we heard our usually earliest riser, S3, suddenly exclaim “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! The tooth fairy did come!” Laughter. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Guys, the Tooth Fairy came!”

His pajama-ed feet came sliding down the steps. Husband had gotten up by this time and greeted S3 at the foot of the steps. He was waving the gold coin. “The tooth fairy came!”
“Alright!” Husband high fived him.

I stumbled out of bed and S3 gave me a giant hug. His face was beaming, all trace of sleep gone as he held up the gold coin. “Moma, look, the tooth fairy came and left me this!”

I rubbed his back, “that's great, honey!” His enthusiasm was contagious.

He walked toward the table for breakfast staring at the coin and saying “Yes, yes, yes! It really is a gold dollar! The tooth fairy came! Oh, yes!”

Now that is a great way to start the day!

He spent every free moment of the morning wiggling away on Tooth 2.

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