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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dealing With Potty Talk

Today we went to the beach with some friends. S4 was doing the pee dance and had to go bad, but they were cleaning both bathrooms and we had to wait. His friend noticed and when asked what was wrong, S4 just said he had to get in the bathroom. Bad.

"Do you have to go number one or number two?"

S4 looked puzzled up at me. We have never done the numbers. For our family you have to go pee or guck and/or really bad. This number thing was new information to him. My friend explained it to him and he proudly then declared he had to go 1...and maybe 2 too. And then the dancing began again.

After the beach day where we all got nicely sunburned, S4 went home with my friend and her boys so the two little boys could have a play date. They had all sorts of fun and tonight we are all dragging after an adventure filled weekend has caught up with us.

And because we are sunburned too. That just sucks the life out of you.

In the tub the two littlest boys sat and S4 - who very honestly is alllllllllways talking - informed us he has learned what number one and two are and now we can say that so we don't have to use "potty talk".

S3 and S4 then began to discuss how cool this new information was to have.

Until S4 scrunched up his forehead and said "But I don't know what number 3 is...Moma, do you know what number 3 is?" He didn't even wait for an answer. "Oh, I know, I bet it's puke. I think number 3 is puke."

"Yah, yah!" S3 agreed. "And number 4 is fart."

"Number 5 is wet fart."

"Then number 6 is diarrhea."

Then began the discussion of diarrhea and don't you die from diarrhea because it's "DIE-arhea." So then S3 had to explain in great detail what diarrhea is and how you feel and how gross it all is.

Silence came upon the tub until S4 said, "Yup, it's a good thing we don't have to potty talk anymore now that we know the numbers."

Why, yes, your moma so agrees with you.

I think it's time for them all to go to bed now.


Kari said...

So Funny! Made me laugh because I could totally hear my own boys in that conversation. I only have two boys and I think it's crazy around here, so I can only imagine what 4 boys is like! YIKES!

I am your new follower too!

. said...

I come by to visit you via one of our blogging buddies at I enjoyed browsing your blog and reading your great post.. We would like to invite you to stop by and visit us when you have a moment. Have a blessed day, and hope to see you soon.. God Bless you and yours..

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Oh MY. Good thing they are all about the numbers and no potty talking, because all of those words may have made my boys roll with giggles.