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Friday, July 29, 2011

In Which I Whisper Hello to You

It's early in the morning here.

Okay, technically it's not early but it's early enough that the boys aren't awake.

I have nada to blog about but I miss blogging so much I thought I would give you a long rambling let you know we are doing fine and all is well and things like that.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love summer?

Long pause of joy.....

I do.

I love that as I type this the sunflower S2 gave me is smiling at me. I love that I have flowers on the table and in the kitchen and in the yard. I love that I go barefoot about every day. I love to see the boys all filthy dirty with their hair all sweaty knowing they are having the time of the of their lives. I love that all my windows are open to hear the birdsongs. I love that my husband goes out in the field and comes back smiling about growing plants.

I love summer.

This week we went blueberry picking. I took along two extra friends of the boys and they had a lot of fun with some other friends we met up there. We got about 2o pounds of blueberries...but that isn't what they were most impressed with. They were most impressed with all the goats and ducks and baby chickens. S3 has learned to read VERY well and he read they were all for sale.

S3 and S4 have concocted a plan on how they can get a goat home without me knowing. They would prefer I DID know, but, I might say no, so they are sure they can fit in the back seat and get it home where I will fall in love with it and it will live forever with them eating popcorn and blueberries.

S2 got the okay from Daddy to play football this fall and I filled out the paper last night. It brought a tear to my eye. My little boy, getting all big on me. I know nothing of football but according to the schedule of practices and games I think I will be learning much about it.

But I'm not ready for that to happen yet, because I loooooove summer.

And I don't want it to end.

I'm watching S1 grow out of this boy stage into young man stage.

It chokes me with pride and the grasping of how little time I really have with him.

Yup, I want summer to last forever.

Today the boys have two friends over and later today I get to watch Jr. and his little baby brother, lil cuz. I am soooooooooo excited!

And even though it is steamy hot today, I have blueberry pie to make and zucchini bread to whip up.

Summer food - the best!

But, to accomplish all that, I'll need more caffeine, I'm sure. I stumbled upon this recipe looking for the Pioneer Woman's maple peach crisp to share with someone (again, summer food is the BEST) so I thought I'd share it with all my coffee loving friends (because those of you who are giving up coffee, I do not understand you. At all.)

Here's the recipe for iced coffee. Make it immediately. I plan to.....

So until I can sneak away to whisper hello again, thanks for reading the rambling blog post of the day. Tell me how YOU are, I'm missing you all so!


Kela said...

I *heart* you Summer reflections! So much to be thankful for, huh?!

Lona said...

Good for you--you're savoring the moment. You're right, it does go fast.

Karen said...

Your summer sounds wonderful! I love that you enjoy your time with your boys so much. I want to be more like you in that way. (My boys have been making me a little crazy this summer). By the way, I'm with your boys on the goat thing. You totally need one! Actually, you hit on 2 of my 'someday' dreams. Someday I'd love to have enough acreage that we can have goats and a small blueberry 'farm'.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love summer, too.


If you move down here, it'll be summer for 10 months out of the year.