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Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning Boys

These boys are my morning joy.

Every morning - - EVERY morning - - we have the same routine.
(Okay, every once in awhile we are really late and it's rushed at best but it's pretty much always the same.)

We say goodbye to S1, we tell him what is for dinner, S4 hugs him.

We drop S4's things off at his locker, pick his lunch, head to the bathroom.

S3 meets us at the bathroom.  He greets me with a hug.

We head for the far hallway.  S3 scoots down one hallway, S4 and I go down the other hallway and we meet at nearly the same moment at S2's classroom.

S3 and S4 tap on the door.  Sometimes they dunk and hide behind a locker but pretty much they just stand there waiting for S2 and his friends to come out and see them.  They greet them with hugs.

And more hugs.  And more hugs.  And one more hug.  Wait, just one more.  I have to often times say sternly, "Enough!"

I tell S2 what is for dinner.  The other three boys have comments on wether that was a good choice for me to make or what would be good for dinner or what they are having.  I get a run down of who is going squirrel hunting, who is going to a game, who is shooting skeet, who got hurt playing, what the weather will be....

Our conversations are random.  I tell them to hurry on into class before they get in trouble for talking too long and they get one more hug from S3 and S4, I hiss "enough hugs already!", I see the boys shyly smile at they head for class, S2 gives me one more hug to tell me to have a good day and I walk away from "my boys".  Mr. B, the teacher they think hung the moon, never marks them tardy and lets us have our morning ritual every day.  I think he is the greatest teacher.

We drop S3 off at his class.  He has to kiss my cheek and lift S4 up off his feet.

S4 and I begin the walk back to his section of the school, talking about random things until we reach his door.  Sometimes he hugs me quick and strolls right in, sometimes he clings to me and cries.  Still.

My husband told me I should get a picture of my morning boys.  He can be brilliant like that, so one day I did.  

They thought I was a little silly for asking for a photo.  But their mom's must take a lot of pictures of them too because they just lined up and smiled.  This is the one photo I took and I think it is frame worthy.

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