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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday evenings

Usually on Sunday evenings, we have chips and cheese. Tonight we had leftover taco stuffing's because of a much too large meal Friday night. It's funny, the boys HAVE to have something with salsa on Sunday night. We must have cinnamon rolls in the morning and salsa at night, no matter what. Funny how they plan their week on these two meals.

Lately the boys have had an infatuation with our photo albums. I buy regular slip in photo albums and then just jot a note beside them. I am about a year behind and have been just sorting the photos and sliding them in without writing in them yet. Just the same, the boys are constantly being found in front of our heater vent, staring at photo albums. DS3 has realized he has grown into some familiar clothes his brothers have worn and that has made for some interesting style decisions lately - the other day it was six degrees in the morning and he was wearing summer sandals and a summer shirt cuz his guys had worn them and they fit him now.

The most fun is hearing DS4. He can't figure out where he is in most of the photos. He sees photos of DS2 and claims it's him and tries to convince us that it is him and when we try to tell him he wasn't a baby yet he just looks at us like "hello! I have ALWAYS been here!"

DS1 and 2 keep looking at the photos and telling their younger brothers stories they are sure they have forgotten..."OH! Remember this! This is the day you got mad and threw your boot out in the lake and Moma had to catch it with the fishing net before the turtles got it!"

(acutual photos of the that turtle not huge? I took these with a disposable camera!)

And even my husband and I get caught up in looking at them when I keep taking care of the photo albums. It seems like just yesterday that DS1 was DS4's age and now DS1 is nearly as tall as me! I knew that this time in my life would go quickly....but it is going SO quickly.

So, from this mom who is thankful for the tons of photos I have taken
(those who know me are rolling their eyes right now because they know how many that is), take some photos of your kids...and be sure to make some memories with them. I've heard before "the problem with life is that it is so
I get caught up in that too....PLAN on making memories
with your kids before they don't want to make memories anymore. And I do
mean PLAN...or you never will do it.


ValAnn said...

Very nice blog! I love how you "journal" a small note next to your pictures... someone (i don't know who) once said... "A picture is worth a thousand words, but someday no one will remember those words unless you write them down!"

MOMSWEB said...

I sooo enjoyed this post. I regret not taking enough pictures of my second born. He always asks where his pictures are, so I'm trying to make up for it now that he's ten (smile). I have two sons, so reading your blog today encouraged me!