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Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Honor Of Spring.........

In honor of spring, our three year old spent a good portion of the morning watching Bob the Builder Christmas. My husband updated his countdown to the first day of winter (just to tease me...I start a countdown for spring as soon as New Years Day arrives!)

Son #3 had to bring a sign of spring into his preschool classroom and so we picked one flower from the one clump of crocuses in front of our house. Squirrels apparently waged war on my crocus bulbs over the winter and there were many casualties, but, this one had just bloomed the day before so #3 and I went out and carefully plucked one bloom. He was so sad because it was closed up so tight - it was 20 degrees out! - but we put it in a little drinking cup with LOTS of sealing plastic wrap and sent him on his way to school with Daddy. When I picked him up from school later that day, he ran over to me and he was so excited he was stuttering over all his words and nearly yelling telling me how, just when the class got to look at all the signs of spring his friends brought in, his little yellow crocuses opened up and bloomed. His teacher nodded and smiled "It was very cool."

I had to thank God for that extra special gift to my little boy that day in preschool.

When we got home I let him keep the flower on the shelf by his bed. He has checked it many times! It's going to make him cry when we have to throw it out, but I have already found another little flower coming up that he can have next. And, it IS the first day of spring, there are a lot more flowers to come!

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Jason said...

winter is 275 days away