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Monday, March 23, 2009

First Farm Update

Drum roll please! Today is the very first for the year farm update!

This very morning, a mere half an hour ago, my handsome farmer husband ordered our first seeds. Hooray!

This is a big deal. Today is cold and windy and not feeling warm and springlike at all. But when he orders seeds it's like a vi sable conformation that spring is really on it's way. I can't wait to for the seeds to arrive!

(this was taken last fall when he hauled all the tomatoes into the house to keep them from freezing one very cold night)

He has ordered just tomatoes and peppers for the first order. Now he will be busy building a sort of greenhouse to start the seeds in - last year we used the bed of an undrived (is that a word?) pick up but we sold that so now he is going to build something more permanent since last years 'greenhouse' worked so well.

He has 8 tomato variety's arriving (equaling 1,000 seeds, last year we had 500) and 4 pepper varieties. To our farm stand customers, yes, your regular tomatoes will be here along with all the peppers you asked for last year so you could make your salsa this year!

I am thrilled and just had to share!

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