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Monday, May 4, 2009

Just A'Swingin'

Son Number Three (don’t you just love our kids names?) learned to push himself on the swing this weekend. I had not realized this was such a huge deal and apparently it is VERY big. Son4 wanted a push on the swing and then Son3 wanted a push and when I was sure my arms would fall from their sockets, I told them no more. Son4 cried and got down and then ran off to play laughing again. Son3 didn’t give up, he just kept working his legs with the last push I had given him. “Moma!”he cried excitedly, “Look! I’m doing it!”

He came in awhile later and had me feel his heart. It was pumping hard. He grinned triumphantly. “It was hard work but I did it, Moma, I pumped my legs and went high to the sky in the swing.”

I could hardly pull him off the swing for the rest of the day and this morning when we dropped his older two brothers off at school, he came home and ran out there again just to see if he could still swing high.

He could.

And just in case you all think that my life is just sweetness all the time, I told him I was putting his picture on the blog and he wanted me to get him some cheese. I left the blog to get him some. I had some extra grated cheese and put a little in a bag for him and his brother. He looks at me and says "this isn't rotten, is it?"

Oh come on! Like I would feed my boys rotten food! But because it was grated he just wasn't sure if it was safe to eat. Roll my eyes.

It's sitting in a snack bag he is carrying around with him and he is not sure if he is going to eat it or not. He probably will wait til it does rot and then tell me I fed him rotten food. Good grief! So, that is my laugh for the morning.

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