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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Mother's Day

I was bundling up asparagus (to sell by the pound) and kept hearing this weird sound. I suddenly realized it was my Mother’s Day card that is still proudly displayed on the shelf. And then I realized I never did write about my mother’s day. I am sure you were all wondering……

Well, I have been so busy being a walking Hallmark commercial that I’ve not taken the time to write about this huge day in our family’s life. It starts with this card…..
…the inside says “…it’s probably not over yet. Happy Mother’s Day and hang in there”. Then it plays the song “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”. For a few days I carried this card in my purse and showed it to everyone because I loved it that much.

And here is the story about that card…………..

Because my husband plans all things out, the boys had Mother’s Day taken care of weeks ago! No, not at all! We all ran into town because I needed groceries (yes, toilet paper is a NEED) and Hubby and the boys ran off to do some “shopping”. We had about twenty minutes to shop before our pizza was ready so it was an all on race, really.

I got back to the vehicle first and was putting the groceries in when they all showed up and started giggling. It was so silly and the air was heavy with funness that I couldn’t help giggling too. This made them think I had guessed what they had found, but of course, I hadn’t.

S2 began with “Moma, you should see (S4) with those music cards. WOW!”

“No! Freeze! Everyone FREEZE!” S4 shrieked from his car seat.

“Why?” I asked him.

“FREEZE, Moma! You find out what we got you, so, freeze!” S4 passionately explained.

Hubby and S1 started chuckling under their breath a bit. I could not resist. “So, (S4), what did you get Moma?”

“Nuh-fing!” S4 shrieked. “Tomorrow is nuh-fing and we got you no song so FREEZE! Say Nuh-Fing!”

Apparently, S4 was sure that the more I talked the more likely I was sure to find out what gift they had found for me. I just couldn’t resist teasing him all the way home.

By the time we got home, the pizza was still warm and S4 was actually sweating from screaming with all the force a three year old can muster all the while giggling. I had managed to find out that I had NOT gotten a singing card, I had NOT gotten anything out of the wagon, there was NO special day the next day and I had to freeze – a lot.

In the morning, all the boys jumped on me and S4 was the first to give me THE card. He danced with as much energy as he had mustered from the night before to tell me to freeze. He sang “happy Mother’s Day” at the top of his lungs. He wanted to make sure I was surprised. They had gotten me rose bushes (from the wagon), little chickens and geese to put on a shelf (cuz I love both so), a candle (comes in handy being the only girl in a house full of boys on a farm) and a shirt that said “Hot Tomato”.

But the best gift of all was all the giggles we all had all the way home laughing at S4 screaming “FREEZE!”

I truly felt loved and exceptionally blessed.

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