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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Not so Fun Run

After my post last night about yummy asparagus soup, we sat down to eat it for dinner. Our youngest looked at me and informed that "This is NOT food, Moma. This. Is. Soup. Asparagus soup. It is yucky." He did not eat a bit of soup. Get this, he scraped off the melted cheese off the top of the soup and managed to not eat a BIT of soup. That's talent, folks.

Here is my story for Praise and Coffee today. Enjoy! And thanks for checking in!

A Not So Fun Run

James 4:2B “You do not have, because you do not ask God.”

The school our boys attend has a fund raiser in the spring for the school. The kids ask for donations and then run a mile in a “Fun Run”. The kids get really excited about it and I think all the donors (ie, mom and dad! J) are happy to have the money go right to the school. If the kids get $10 in donations, they get a free t-shirt. All the kids get to then wear the shirts when they run. The t-shirts are all important, they are THE fashion statement for the day and the students sign their names on each others shirts. It’s great fun…thus the FUN RUN.

Check out the rest at Praise and Coffee! Enjoy! :)

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