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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleeping till Noon and no Coffee for 32 hours.....

Today I slept till noon.


I am drinking my first cup of wonderful, French press, extra bold coffee in 32 hours.

This is how that came about.

I went to the dentist.

I went into the dentist feeling fine and dandy and came out in near tears. I don’t like to go the dentist at all. AT ALL. And I do a pretty good job of staying away. I take great care of my teeth and have kept all my wisdom teeth all this time. But one of my back wisdom teeth cracked and was painful for about a day and then it was just gone and all was wonderful. Until my dentist tricked me to getting a check up (I was there with the boys and they suddenly had an opening at the exact time I arrived, how convenient!) and although I assured them I was fine with the broken tooth, they made an appointment to pull it out.

I was so scared I could hardly sleep the night before. I knew it had to be done, but knowing and feeling are sometimes two totally different things. I loaded all four boys up and we took off. When I sat in the dentist chair away from my boys, I informed them just how scared I was.

They gave me gas for the first time in my life.


When they gave me the shot, I did really wince in pain. And then I started breathing on that gas mask as much as I dared. It’s a good thing because apparently the tooth was stuck in my head and not too fond of leaving either. I would not have been surprised at all if the dentist had jumped on the chair to get a better angle to yank the thing out. I was there for an hour and a half getting that thing extracted. I found it comical when they asked if I hurt at all. As if I would ever in my sane mind allow someone to yank my head around and extract a tooth from my head. Clips of Alias came back to my memory.

Now really truly I think my dentist is a sweet man. Really. The office staff claims to love my boys. But after an hour they were getting restless. Enough so that S1 herded them back to the office where I was to let me know that S3 and S4 were acting like (his exact words) “they do at home”.

And what exactly could I do about it?

The view of Moma laying with her head tipped back and mouth wide open and not able to threaten them at all, well, that was too good a sight to pass up. So my boys hung out and watched the procedure…S3 even sat on the windowsill just to get a better view.

I felt loved.

On our way home, with my cheek swelling and numb, I let them get a pizza at Little Caesar’s (they had never had that happen before) and then stopped at the library and let them get a stack of movies, arrived home and told them not to wake me unless an emergency. They could not believe their great afternoon before them and they settled in while I fell asleep…till four.

My wonderful mother called to check up on me, and I was making dinner, and she stepped in and said, “I’ll take the boys”. I really felt I could handle them, but since she wanted to…

So I sent them on their way with my mom, watched a movie all alone with the dogs and an ice pack, and went to bed after the news. And slept till NOON!!!!!!

Think my mom knew something I didn’t? So here is I sit, ready to go back to bed except its five in the afternoon and the boys will be home soon (mom is feeding them, no small feat), sipping my yummy coffee, hoping the Motrin makes me feel no pain and thankful for a long night of sleep.


Praise and Coffee said...

Oh Denise!!!!! I had NO IDEA that you would take your boys with you to the appointment...if I had I would have insisted on taking them!!! It almost makes me mad at you for not asking...but I love you so much I could never be mad!

But I'm really glad you feel better now and most of all that you have coffee. Whew.

Denise said...

Sue, they told me it'd be a quick in and out. And Andrew had to have a cavity filled too. I think they were as surprised as me that it took THAT long. At one point, as he was wrenching on the tooth, he said "let me know if you can feel any thing". The hygenist was like "she feels nothing right now". No kidding! I was pretty sure it'd be a quick trip, but it wasn't. Had I known......Anyhow, one day you will get asked to watch my boys. But hopefully not for another tooth.

Karen said...

1. Hooray for moms!
2. Hooray for the chance to sleep until noon!
3. Not so yay the teeth yanking part. You poor girl.
4. I am amazed at how well your boys did. Wow!
5. Your story reminds me of when I had my wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them at once. And 2 were under bone. They gave me the gas and some kind of IV sedative. I remember vaguely being aware of what was going on. Except when the dentist spoke it sounded like "Open (open open) your mouth (mouth mouth) wider (wider wider).