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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Went Camping...Beach Photos

Sometimes people ask us how on earth we could ever camp so long. One year we went for ten days straight. And we never leave the campground. This trip we just were gone Thursday to Monday but we just can't bring ourselves to because the most wonderful lake that I know of is there.

This photo was taken just as a huge storm was coming in while we were there. But it is one end of the beach to the other and gives you a good idea of the beauty.
Here is Jr, who figured out how to steal everyone's drinks. He was fascinated with the straws. He loved that we all left our drinks and snacks at his level....these were some of the greatest days of his life, I do believe.
Here is Baby Backup. She isn't really the baby anymore, but I can't resist calling her that. She gained this name because S4 couldn't say her name when she was born. I thought the idea of the girl being my "back up" was cute too. The name stuck. Hubby only calls her Backup.

S1 and Jr. Notice the tonka truck in the background. KE stopped out with her kids while we were there, which made me and the boys exceptionally happy, and she videoed the beach to prove to her husband that there is no mistaking where WE are on the beach, and that NO ONE spends the day near us.
When we are all worn out from swimming and sun, HOURS are spent just trying to catch the tiny well as the big fish...that come swimming up to shore.
Every day is spent with a view like this. How could you not want to stay here all day?

To my dear Montana have no trees, you have no lake, you do not fish. Visit us here in MI and we will spend a big part of time here, because you can enjoy all three. Thought of you the whole time we were here!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I was told yesterday that my idea of camping is actually called "glamping."

And I'm ok with that.

Your pictures are amazing, and it does look like fun, though...

Denise said...

That YOU said my pictures are amazing I will take as a super high compliment. :)

Kids Outback Club said...

Great post, and great photos! We go family camping for long periods of time as well. I always hate leaving a great place too, glad you have so much camping with your family.