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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Boy Who Was Raised By Librarians

Today I was very excited to be the guest reader for S4's Kindergarten class.  I kept it a secret from him...which is tough to do, let me tell you.

I brought in Brian Lies' Bats In the Library.  The whole line of Bats books by Brian Lies are great, I love the illustrations!

And I love the fact that my husband can't stand that book because he has an insane fear of bats.  Did I ever tell you about our honeymoon....hmmm, I don't think so.  (Mental note to self, you MUST tell that bat story on your anniversary this year!)

But the first book I read was The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians.  I looooooooove this book for very obvious reasons.  In case you don't know those reasons, I will tell you.....

S4 used to go to work with me one day a week at the library and it was the happiest, funniest, most hair pulling time.  I miss my little library helper now that he is in school every day.  My boys, thankfully, love to go to the library with me.  Part of that reason is because they like that they ALL get their own computer to play addicting games but that is beside the point....they LIKE the library and that makes my heart so very happy.

This book was a gift to me when I started my new job from An.  And I love An for reading it to her boys and knowing I needed it so instead of telling me about it, she just sent it to me.

Our library now has a copy there.  Alicia and I loved it too much to not purchase it.

When I went to post my facebook update today, I wanted to link the book.  I found it on YouTube so now I can share the whole wonderful story with you all!

I always pause at the point where the snake can live in the bathtub and say, "And mom's do NOT want snakes living in their tubs so that is not a good book to check out.  Snakes live outside, okay?"

Because my boys would try that.  You know they would.


Tammy said...

Added the book to my holds list at my library. :) Thanks for the recommendation.

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

My boys hated spiders so I made a compromise with them early in snakes, no spiders. = D I was so fortunate it worked.