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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mama, You Smell....

After a day where S4 informed the school he was sick and sure to throw up at any second so our awesome school called and informed me and my friend Korene, who totally rocks and works at the school, drove him across the street to the library at where I work (and was there alone) and he then told me he may have just been hungry so he ate all my lunch because he left school to fast to grab his lunch and maybe a movie would help him feel better too....

....and he suddenly felt all better.....

We returned home.

S4 gave me a big hug....and then began sniffing.

S4 believes he can sniff out scents like an animal or a survivalist.

" smell.  You smell like...." he sniffed harder, "Like the library. Must be cuz you are there so much."

S1 gasped. Then,  "Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"If Mama smells like a library then she smells GOOD."

Wise answer, oh young one.


Tammy said...

Too funny and yes, smart answer!

Rosemary Andrews said...

Snuggling with Jackson this weekend he told me I smelled good...except for my breath! I just had to kiss all over him for that one!