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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lovin' You Is Fun

My husband and I have a great time together.

I think that statement is a super understatement, by the way.

THIS song, I just love it.  It's a guy singing but every time it comes on, if I am near Jake, I have to lean in for a kiss.

Then Sunday came along.

Now, my honey likes me tease me but for whatever reason, Sunday's are usually my least favorite day of the week.  This Sunday he was sorta on my last nerve with his teasing - I can get emotional like that every once in awhile.  And on this Sunday I was running around trying to get dinner together, get the kids to look like at least they TRIED to attempt to get dressed and the one thing I do like about Sunday's - dressing up.  Because I just like to dress up.


I was in the shower - finally (six of us and one bathroom is really showing it's huge problems lately) - and Jake was in the bathroom getting ready to go and he sprays this awful deodorant.

I don't get my guys and deodorant.  I mean, I know they need it but do we have to have spray deodorant with too strong scents that cause me to gag and choke and cough?  What happened to good stick deodorant and some great smelling cologne (for my husband, not for my boys...I don't think they need cologne yet.  Like, not till they are thirty two.)

I start coughing in the shower because I can't escape the smell, and my husband says, "What?  I think it smells good."

And thankfully I was in the shower so he didn't see my eye roll at that statement.  But he had been pushing all my buttons all morning and I was just...done.

But what he did next, it's forever inexcusable.....

He sprayed the deodorant OVER THE TOP OF THE SHOWER.  I am in the shower, unable to escape.  I am coughing and gagging and literally screaming, "What are you thinking?"

"I think if you really smell it you'll like it."

I hated the smell of it before.  Whatever the level is that is more than hate, that is where I am with that deodorant now.

And my Sunday?  Well, it required it therapy.  Therapy in the form of texting Morgan who then brought me a Starbucks to church.  I needed it.

And my husband, bless him, let me take a nap.  I needed it after all that.

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