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Monday, September 3, 2012

Our School Year is Looking...Rough

If this morning is any indication of how our school year is going to go...

It's going to be rough.

Last night we had a huge family affair over at my mother in law's.  It's a large gathering of people from when they all used to go camping back when my husband was an itty bitty boy.  The boys ran up and down the driveway hill, stole shoes from the few girls that were there and jumped on the trampoline.  We never left until nearly eleven at night.

So they weren't too happy to have mama calling them at 7am this morning saying, "Rise and shine!"

They did not rise and they most definitely did not shine.

At all.

With their eyes just barely slit size in open, they looked at me in confusion.

When I said tomorrow we have to get up half an hour earlier than this, there were a few tears that slipped down still dirty cheeks from the night before.

Daddy stumbled through, sleepy, laughed at his sleepy boys and then went back to bed.

He is supportive in moments like these.

I had the boys make their lunches for the next day, told them to all take showers and then I would make them breakfast.

I had a grouchy son, my one who is usually the calm helpful one.

I had a crying son.  According to him, school had just gotten out and it wasn't fair that he had to go to school now.  And his toes hurt.  His toes hurt so bad he didn't feel he may be able to walk tomorrow.

I had another son quietly going to work snagging every "good" snack he could find to toss in his lunch box before he had to fight his brothers for them.

The other son was silent.  He is never silent.  I mean, never ever ever ever silent.

The showers were filled with fighting and shoving.  S4 laid down in the shower for half an hour and had to be told repeatedly to get out.

S3 helped me make breakfast and I made him coffee. He seems to be functioning quite well now.

They picked at their food, though, they did eat at it all.

And then they trooped back up the stairs to go back to bed.

Husband slept through it all.

Yah, it's not looking promising for tomorrow.

What big plans do you have for this Labor Day?

We have a riveting game of Kick The Can planned and we hope to just relish our last day of freedom.

Right after our eight thirty in the morning nap we all have planned.


Ginger said...

You hauled them out of bed on their last day home, their holiday to do a practice run for tomorrow? Whoa, you are one tough and toe the line momma!

I'm not a morning person so on the first day of school I always had the littles standing next to my bed telling me to get up so they wouldn't be late on the first day.

laurabeth1976 said...

Wow! You had quite the run through. We always do our last minute school shopping on labor Day. All of the stuff that we would have bought earlier but were too busy having fun or finding adventures to accomplish. So, the day or two before school starts we spend at Burlington Coat Factory, looking for all the Kids Clothes my three need for the new year. They have great deals, so we try to get everything there. (We usually succeed too). Then we head out to get the school supplies from their supply list and buy cupcakes and pizza for there end of summer celebration. I hate having them go back to school as much as they hate going.