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Saturday, September 1, 2012

War of the Mouse

I recently bought some of my favorite cookies and realized I never shared this story with you all.

The story of the evil mouse.

When we went to go camping this year, I loaded up the camper with lots of good things to eat and drink.  I mean, if you are camping, you need certain things.

And those certain things always involve the food we never usually buy.

The first morning I awoke in my cozy camper, my mom and I decided to make pancakes.  When I got into my cupboard, in my giant bag of chocolate chips there was a hole.

A giant mouse hole.

It dined well on chocolate chips.

I immediately went on a cleaning rampage and had that camper gleaming spotless.  That mouse wasn't getting any more of my food.

Stinking mouse.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed over to my mom's campsite to visit and share my conquest over the mouse. 

As I was sipping my coffee, I looked down.






I started to gag.  I spewed the coffee from my mouth and dumped all the coffee out on the ground.  I jumped around and may have uttered curses from under my breath. 

Well played, evil mouse.  Well played.

My mom was on the phone at the time and could not figure out what possessed her laid back daughter, me, to act like that.  Then she took pity on me and made me a pot of coffee at her camper.
(We camped with three coffee pots.  Apparently we all need coffee too much to share.  How I love my family.)

Through this process I was texting my sister in law who was still to arrive to the campground.

She only laughed at me.

For a few days later, we seemed to call a truce, that evil mouse and I.  I assumed wrong.  It had not traveled to other campers, it was just laying in wait for me.

It is evil like that.

It ate my cookies.

I have these Dutch cookies that, ironically, The Farmers Wife sent me.  You have to find them in the ethnic isle at the store and it makes me feel very cultured to purchase them.  The lovely added feature of these beyond yummy goodness is that they sit perfectly on your coffee cup, getting all warm and gooey and then you dunk them in your coffee and...


The mouse ate them.

No one came near my camper as I scrubbed the camper down AGAIN.

It was the day before we left.  Everyone steered clear of me as I tore through that camper sure I could hear that mouse giggling.

The first thing I did when I got home was have S1 set traps in the camper.  I placed dcon in the camper.  I layered the thing with fabric softener sheets (It had been prior, just so you know.)

I laughed with joy at the thought of the mouse pulling one on me never again.

As I put away my silverware in my unused silverware drawer that night, I leaned closer down.

Mouse turds.

My reaction was not a joyous one.


I hate them so.

Well, except the Cinderella kind.  But THEY would have made me new Stroopwaffles.

And that is the mouse story, be that as it may.

For added entertainment, want to glimpse my text to my sister in law as she was headed out to us?  She giggles over them still...

Me - I forgot soap. Plllllleeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee bring me a bar of girl soap.  Thanks.

Her - I don't have girl soap.  I only have zest. Want that?

Me - No Zest.  Thanks.  That is the only sap I have strong feeling about. Dove or Olay. Please and Thanks.

Me - Did you get my message?  Zest is fine. I will even sing the zestfully song! It's Irish spring I detest so greatly.

Her - (Your brother) hates that kind to.  I grabbed you one!!

Me - You rock.  Thank you!!

Me - Bring dcon by the tons. I have been infested. They ate my chocolate chips. I am freaking out!!!!

Her - Raccoons?

Me - MICE!!!!!! In. My. Camper!!!!!!  This has NEVER happened!!!!!

Me - I am currently furious and cleaning.

Her - From the campground?  Thats just wrong.

Me - Which is why I am freaking out.  And it's a mean one.  It put a turd in my COFFEE and I did not see it until I had drunken some.  You can understand my hatred at the moment.

Her - The way you put that made me laugh even if its not really funny.

My sister in law.  I love her so.  And I am glad she loves me so. 

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