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Friday, December 7, 2012

A First Grader Was Here

I found it odd that S4 was quizzing me on when I made my bed - which I am going to be honest and say it's usually when I am going to bed.  I mean, I might make it in the morning by just pulling the blankets up but not actually tucking it in and fluffing pillows.

But S4 wanted to know and he was quite adamant about it so this morning I pulled the blankets up but sorta left them messy so he could make my bed without much effort.

Considering he doesn't make his own bed this sort of had me puzzled.

Later today S4 came hollering for me through the house.  When he found me in the laundry room he just said, "Oh" and ran off.

I found it odd he didn't actually need to tattle on his brothers or need something so I tracked him down and found him singing happily in our bedroom, pulling all our blankets off the bed.

I smiled and left him to it.

He made our bed all right.  He pulled all our blankets off and made special care to put them all back on.  Since for some reason the blankets seemed to hang off the sides a lot when he was done, he did a dramatic folding on the sides so it looked super pretty.

He then left his "calling card" on the book I am reading.

I don't care how messy that bed looks, we are sleeping in it.  I don't think anyone other than my mom - or the rare hotel we stay in - has ever made our bed for me.

Besides, who could be cuter than this first grader????

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