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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sock Drama

Disclaimer: Even if you all hate this post I am going to love it always.

I think we have established that I don't like to fold socks.

At all.

But this whole sock thing is sort of taking on a life of its own so I decided, it's time.

We must fold the socks.

I decided this because my husband has been making rude comments about finding his own socks and S4 broke down wailing about never having socks and S3 has just given up and wears shoes with no socks - resulting in the stinkiest shoes that I bleach clean and yet they still stink (he also wears sweatpants, a Red Wings shirt and a camouflage belt around said Red Wings shirt - he has his own style).  And the socks are next to my glass Christmas village and it would be good to try to protect it from boys searching the basket for socks.

S2 had called home from school an hour before it was done too sick to carry on his school day (we are battling strep — again) so I had taken S3 and S4 home with me too.  They were glad I did because I had been making cookies and they arrived home to eat four a piece. They were glad I saved them from certain starvation.

After a Monopoly game gone bad (in S3 an S4's rules you can ROB THE BANK - who ARE these children??? I blame their father.) I went and got the big basket of socks and brought it into the living room.  I plopped it with a thud to the floor.

Their eyes were huge.

"We have to fold socks?"

I nodded.

"How many?' they whimpered.

"All of them," I answered brightly.

This was their reaction.

Being the wonderful caring mother I am, I took a photo.

I wanted to get another one to show you just how much they were in disbelief of my cruelty but they would have none of that.  But this photo really shows what they thought of folding socks.

I put in Despicable Me, which we had just received from Netflix (because if we had minions we wouldn't need to fold socks) and then I sat on the floor next to them and the three of us folded socks.

We laughed and giggled through the whole movie.

When we done, every sock was folded, every unmatched sock or sock with a hole was thrown away, and life just seemed brighter and happier.

So much so that the boys decided to take retribution on their brothers (who wash and fold their own socks now) who did not help them (S2's sickness is no excuse).  They made scopes for their Nerf Guns and they had no mercy.

It was actually a super fun afternoon.

And now my husband can hopefully quit his belly achin'. :)


Angela Little said...

This is so funny!! the same thing happens in my household.... three girls plus the two of us = a ton of unpaired socks!! My husband decided to donate all of his and buy the very same style, same color for him.... then he told me to do the same with the girls. He doesn't understand that girls are not the same as boys though! They have to have different colors and styles, right? Anyways, one night not too long ago, I decided to put the basket full of socks and undies in front of them and had my oldest girls separate and pair. To my surprise my middle daughter paired the entire basket in exchange for something silly (can't even remember) while watching T.V.!! So it all worked out, for a couple of weeks at least... now we're back to a basket full of socks! By the way, Despicable Me is one of our favorites along with Ratatouille... must watch if you haven't. Thanks for your post and picture of your boys... very cute! =)

Jennifer said...

Love it!