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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Husband is Going to Call me After this Blog Post

I thought, since there may be some of you who actually stop by the blog just to see what is up in my life...because some of you actually laugh at things that happen to me like Sadie chewing a hole in the pillows and so now our bed is covered in “snow”, the boys think that frogs should be allowed to stay the night (seriously), there was a book sale I went to this past weekend that had S4 “accidentally” kicking my leg with every step to remind me to keep walking and not gawking (yes, he fell asleep on the way home and no, he does not want to go back to another one), a raccoon was hit and died on the road in front of our house and the boys wanted to turn it into a coon skin got too smooshed (phew! Thank you Mr. Truck Driver for smashing it to the pavement!), our dishwasher broke and it was filled to capacity and the stove, table and counter were waiting to be washed too (yes, we were out of EVERY dish. The boys are completely fascinated by the “old fashioned” way of washing dishes), Sadie has been diagnosed with “separation anxiety” (seriously), I told the boys that once they were going to bed they were staying there and so S4 stood at the top of the stairs and called my name a million times to tell me things like “can I get one more drink?” “I have to peeeeeeeeeeeee”, “I can't sleep” instead of actually walking down the steps to tell me...and that is just a smidgeon.

It doesn't include the hilarious stories S4 has come up with, the way S3 is smoozing the school, S2's upcoming birthday wishes and the GIANT totally cool lighthouse that S1 built and had delivered to school.

And did I mention my husband is working a totally new shift right now? That the asparagus is starting to grow? That and ENTIRE cub-hoard door fell off my kitchen cupboards and I had to find a way to make it look 'cute'? That Jr has learned to WALK?


So, I apologize for not blogging as often as I should. I am now taking notes to write them all down so I don't forget them all. I hate thinking “what was that that was so funny?”

And I am writing this because my dishes are drying before I can begin about three more sink fulls.

And some may think that is why my hubby would be calling me. To remind me the dishes aren't done. And then he would tell me he loves me and his is joking.....

But this is why he will call me.

Sunday night I attempted a nap. I forwent the nap when I realized it was useless (this was the 'we caught a frog', 'we caught another', 'can we keep them, we brought up the aquarium?') and decided to make coffee instead. Waiting impatiently for my super fast Bunn coffee maker to finish up, I realized it was time for church again. Now what do we do? I mean, I just made all this coffee?

So, I poured the to go cup and went to church with it. I brought it into the sanctuary even though I would normally never do such a thing. All the boys headed off to choir practice and I brought the coffee out, sure it was safe. My husband uses all sorts of old time phrases and his “nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs” fit my feelings that night. I was so keeping an eye on the coffee, making sure it wouldn't spill and trying to chug down some when the pastor was looking down at his notes like I would be kicked out of church for bringing in coffee.

Hubby, being ever so loving, leaned in to put his arm around me. How sweet. And then he stretched out is very very very very long legs and TIPPED MY COFFEE.

But I saved it! Lightening speed reflexes from caring for children saved that coffee! I held it close to me on my lap and grinned triumphantly, a 'ha! I'm so more careful than you!' look when I SPILLED MY COFFEE all over my lap, on my Bible but NOT on the pew.

It looked like I peed my pants. Really.


I should have just stayed asleep.

And my hubby just laughed (quietly, of course) and has been laughing ever since.

He will call me and laugh at me now.

Well, my dishes are dry enough to take care of so I am off to dish washer duty again. Last night I was on Cinderalla duty, washing floors on my hands and knees while watching a princess movie, because I was that desperate for girl time.

I miss you all, my blogger buddies.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You made me laugh.
Out loud.
Just thinking of you all excited over saving your coffee... and then spilling it.

Because that is SO me!

ValAnn said...

Yes - I'm laughing, not at you but with you! And, just so you know, it wasn't a giggle, but a full out haha!! guffaw! I could so see that happening to me, I've spilled my coffee more times than I can remember, never in church though! But our church has the little Keurig cups!

And, the frog! Last spring it was a "mostly dead" baby rabbit that the dog had gotten a hold of that my youngest wanted to keep... We had to bury it instead : (

Are your dishes done yet? : )

Denise said...

It took most the night but I got all the dishes. I had all the breakfast dishes done first thing in the morning, this is a huge feat for me. The next day, Hubby had the dishwasher fixed. I nearly danced with joy!

And I am so glad you all think my spilling coffee is hilarious!

shannon said...

Pride cometh before the spill. :) Every mom needs a coffee to-go mug with one of those sippy lids. (I know their probably not called that, but I can't think of the other name.) That way you can sneak it into church in your purse. :)

Praise and Coffee said...

Good catch! :)