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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break...Whose Idea Was This????

Tonight I had the BRILLIANT idea to make s'mores. However, it is raining. But here is where the sheer brilliance comes in.

We had hamburgers on our charcoal grill tonight. So I just asked Hubby to add a few more coals to the fire and then tonight, while he had to be away, I could be super mom and suggest s'mores to eat after all the cleaning we had done today.


When I called the boys down from confining bedrooms that had grown 'stuff' since they had seen it this morning (amazing how that happens when you have to clean it), they looked at me like an alien had over taken me.

But they didn't turn me down.

The sheer brilliance of the whole plan was not lost on them either. In fact, S1, laughing as he mentioned AGAIN how fun this was said “Daddy sure had a great idea!”

I must have given him the “choose your side, son” look because he asked incredulously, “YOU thought this up?”


“But Daddy told you how to do it, right?”

“No, he just added more coals for us.”

Silence. “Wow, Moma, that was a really great idea.” I heard what he did not say, “for a female”. I let it slide, we were having too much fun!


The Farmer's Wife said...'s what's for dinner. YAY Dykstras!

Wait until I tell them, "Smores: they're not just for breakfast, anymore..." (Can you imagine how good with your first cup of coffee? That's what we're having when you come to MT.)

Denise said...

Can't wait for you to try our hamburgers that JH makes. He puts cheese in the middle....oh, they are soooooooo yummy.

I will gladly and cheerfully eat s'mores with you for breakfast. If I tell the boys that is what you are planning on feeding us, they may begin walking there on thier own. So I won't mention it.

I like my s'mores with peanut butter. YUMMY!