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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break....We Went to the Beach, PART TWO

When we first arrived at the beach that Friday, the first spot we headed to was the spot we ALWAYS head to. If one were to go to the beach to meet up with us, they would ALWAYS find us in this spot. Why? Beautiful location? Best sand? Nope. Most direct route to the bathrooms. And when you have four little boys who are gonna have to go, you wanna be close to the bathrooms.

So, when we got there, (keep in mind that this is before the beach is officially open at all), there was something dead in the water. As in a bird.

So we moved.

WAAAAAYYYYYY down the beach, as far as we could get from it. And way down the beach, as far as we could get, was the spot where I had once been found every single time I went to the beach. But I haven't been to this spot in three years.

It is as far away from the bathrooms as possible, it has the smallest tiniest sliver of beach, but it has lots of trees. And when you have a little one in tow, you pick the most shaded spot to keep them well protected.

I watched my boys jump from the half sunken log into the water. I watched them race their tonka trucks down the beach. I watched them wade way past their waist. I watched them scream and laugh and tattle and play and splash together, all four of them together playing.

Once I watched them so that the sun would not touch their delicate little skin. I watched to make sure that no dirt came near their little fingers. I watched them sleep and wondered what sort of personalities would be one day. I warned the older brothers their little brother was sleeping.

When was that?
Wasn't it yesterday? Just a day or so ago?

The boys think that I shut my eyes to soak up sunshine that wonderful, favorite spring day on the beach Friday as they frolicked in the near ice temperature water. I was, unbeknownst to them, keeping the tears at bay.

I wouldn't trade the moment of hearing my boys play. Just like I wouldn't trade a moment of those baby cuddles years ago. But it is passing so quickly. I want to soak it all in, soak it all up and remember.

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ValAnn said...

Beautiful.... those memories are so precious!