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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Vacation...So We Went to the Beach (part One)

The boys had Friday off of school and the whole week prior had been gradually getting warmer and warmer until on Friday it went and hit 82 degrees.

Every single day the sun has been shining in the sky....I'll just let your mind wrap around that a bit, EVERY SINGLE DAY THE SUN SHINES...I have had this conversation....

“Nice sunny day to day, Moma.”
“Yes, it is.”
“Soooooo, is today a beach day?”
“It is thirty degrees out.”
“So it's summer and we CAN go to the beach?”
“No. Not for 100 more days.”

Imagine the look of sheer dejection.

I would like to say this happens to just one of my boys but NO, I have this conversation with various boys every single day.

So when it reached 80 degrees I decided that I would, indeed take them to the beach. My parents used to do this to my siblings and I. They would get tired of us begging to go swimming so they would take us to the swimming pond, let us jump in, we would freeze and then we wouldn't beg to swim (as much). I told the boys we didn't need swimsuits, their shorts were fine, we would go and check out the lake. I was certain that once they waded in they would feel the numbing cold of 40 degree water and freeze. My plan was to let the sunshine soak into my missing sunshine body and let the boys play on the beach.

And it sorta worked that way.
Except this is what my boys did........
And they loved it. They did not 'technically' swim, they just 'waded' up to their mid chests. They just splashed each other. I stuck my toes in the water, I am pretty sure they turned blue (but then again, I did have blue polish on my toes). They did play in the sand too.
Because we brought Sadie, we went on a long walk thru to the old beach on the park, and thru the woods where, oh thrill to my heart we seen a garter snake that they of course chased and it just happened to slither away, drats, we couldn't take it home. Just when I was thinking of having a pet snake...excuse me while I shudder and check to make sure one did not, in fact, follow me into the house.

On our way home, joy oh joy! The ice cream shop was open! For the first day!

We had to stop and get ice cream that was taller than we had thought ice cream should be.

When we arrived home we had sun kissed cheeks, sticky lips and it was, by far, one of my happiest spring days ever.


Karen said...

Sounds like a blast. Although, I must say you are pretty brave women to do this on your own with 4 fours!

Denise said...

The beach is the one place the boys can get me to go to with nothing much more than "please?" I do not like to swim, don't really like being seen in my swim suit, but I LOVE spending an afternoon doing NOTHING but ENJOYING my boys. It's why I love the beach, love it love it love it!