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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moma is a WHAT?????

On Sunday morning, the boys had crawled into bed with Hubby while I was in the kitchen getting breakfast. I figure they needed male bonding time.

S4 came running into the kitchen, hung his head for the shame he felt in telling me the awful thing that had just been uttered from Hubby's lips.

“Moma”, he said, “Daddy just called you a FEMALE for NO reason.”

It took me a moment to realize he was totally serious. He was sure it was a bad name. Somehow I kept from laughing hysterically, mirrored his serious stance and marched into the bedroom where there were boys and legs every which way watching TV with Daddy. “Daddy,” I asked firmly, “Did you call me a FEMALE for NO reason?”

“Yah,” he laughed, S1 snickering, “Because you are.”

S4's eyes got even wider. He darted his gaze between Daddy and Moma not sure what would happen next.

I smiled at S4, “Daddy is right. I am a female.”

S4 did not know what to say.

Daddy explained that they were males or boys and Moma is a girl or female. But all day long, S4 just wasn't too sure.

I asked Hubby what had happened that night after the boys had gone to bed. He told me that they were just talking about nothing and everything and S4 mentioned something about a female elephant from the movie Ice Age 3 and Hubby had said “you're moma is a female too”.

“NO!” S4 had answered defensively, “She is NOT a female.”

Hubby had laughed at his response and told him Moma was, indeed, female.

That's when he declared he was telling Moma on him and ran from the room.

We both had laughed over it all day.

Monday, when all the boys were gone to school and Daddy was gone to work, S4 snuggled up next to me on the couch and said softly, “Moma, are you SURE you are a female?”


Anonymous said...

i'm having a really crappy day, but this made me smile. thanks!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You're a WHAT???? That cracks me up!