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Monday, February 22, 2010

S1's Big Hog (Russian Boar) Hunt with His Uncle

I am turning the blog over to S1 today to tell about the hunt he just got back from with his Uncle D. When I asked him to tell me the story of the hunt for the blog, it went on and on and on for over three pages of typing. Um, I think he may have a bit of his Moma in him for that long of a story. So I asked him to give me a shorter version. This is what I got. Hope you enjoy!

For Christmas my parents booked me a hunt at the Super G Ranch for a Russian Boar hunt. After telling the class at school stories of my to be hunt and looking it up on maps, it finally happened.
February 19th, 2010

I packed up my bags and headed to my uncles to leave at 2:30 in the afternoon. We packed up the truck and headed out. When we got there, you were sure there were animals inside of the fenced in woods because of the two cow Elk as we pulled in. Whne we got done unpacking, we went to a restaurant. I got the all you can eat blue gill.

That night, we watched bear hunting videos and sat around a big table and talked. I tried not to loose any sleep that night although I did fall asleep at around ten.

The next morning, we again sat around the table and talked and then breakfast arrived from the owner's wife. After breakfast, we put on our gear, loaded up the four wheelers and headed off. We went down the trail aways when we saw a great big bull elk, some water buffalo, and buffalo. We kept on going until one of the guys shouted “I saw a head stick up!” We headed down to see the boar. When we finally down there we saw it was nothing but a pot bellied pig. I said “we are not hunting for potbellied pigs but Russian Boars.”

We headed back to the four wheelers and kept on driving. Then we saw a bunch of hogs in some cattails and we accidentally scared them away. So we asked some of my uncle's hunting partners to hop on the quads and drive them our way. We sat over by a big down tree stump that had brought in the dirt on the roots. Then there came the boars, there were about six of them in the group. I kept my gun steady as they charged our way. My uncle said “Don't shoot yet!” They came across the creek right in front of us and they ran right between the two of us. They may have gotten away from us that time but I still got my boar.

We kept on going, we met up with the four wheeler guys, they asked if we saw the boars. We said “we more than just saw them.”

We kept on going and some of the guys who were going to go shoot goats came back and said “there are a couple boars out there. They are just standing still, why don't you go and check them out?”

We drove the four wheelers straight toward the way that the hunters told us to go. We got off the quads and walked over to get a closer look and a better shot right when they were walking away. I tried the old country deer bleat and it didn't stop them. My uncle said “they aren't going to stop to that.” So we immediantly jumped on the quad and headed toward the boars. We stopped at the trail, got off, and right when they were crossing the creek one of them was standing straight up high. That was my chance.

I put the gun on the shooting stick and took aim. The shot was a good 80 yards away. I put the cross hairs right behind the hogs shoulder. I took my shot and it looked good. The hog ran about twenty yards, did a summer sault and there he laid. It was the happiest moment I had ever had. I had shoten my very first big game animal, a wild Russian boar.

It weighed in about 150 to 200 pounds. I can't wait to go back again!


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You crazy kid!!! That thing looks SCARY!!!

Weren't you scared?

Just a little??

(Great blog post! You're a natural!)

Praise and Coffee said...

Andrew you're my hero!!
You did a great job and getting it to do a somersault is not easy trick, you should be proud...if you could get it to do a cartwheel next time, I'd be even more impressed!

You chase things that I run from...go Andrew!!
Miss Sue :)

The Farmer said...

That sounds like quite a hunting camp, water buffalo, wild boar, elk, and pot bellied pigs, oh my. I'm glad you had a good hunt. What rifle did you use?