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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back from the Brink........

I have been following blogs this past month and two weeks a bit but have had nothing of any consequence to write about. Winter does that. Do you really want to hear about every family movie we have watched? Didn't think so, because you are tired of watching your own, I am sure.
One blog in particular I have been keeping a close eye on. If SHE didn't post, well, I wasn't doing too bad. She just posted TWO blogs so now I am super behind. Why I thought this, I just don't know, but I did. And secretly, I was hoping NBC, the Hallmark Channel, Fox News...they all would be calling and saying “AHHHHH, we MUST know about the life of you and your family!!! We are DESPERATE from any word from you. Here is a years worth of coffee, and advance to the novel we will publish for you now WRITE!!!!”

Hubby would LOVE that!

But the truth is, nothing like that has happened. If you all wanted me to tell you about my imaginary life, it would be MUCH more interesting!

The truth is, the more I write the more ideas come to me so if you don't mind the mundane life of winter with four boys, well, I will be happy to share some smidgeons.

So until the adventures of spring come, I hope you continue to check in on this blog. I appreciate every one of you who do!

1 comment:

The Farmer's Wife said...

I have an idea.

(Put that up on your list of remarkable happenings in the year 2010....)

I'm going to start a story tomorrow...fiction, dumb, but creative....the next installment will be on YOUR blog, so all MY readers have to go to LWFB...CP to get the story....the following day, I'LL post more of the story. We can go back and forth for a week, then wrap it up.

What do you think? Are you in?

And I just realized, in typing this, that you actually left a comment on my blog!!! Wow!