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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bemoaning a Lost Book

I am just going to bemoan this lost book out there because I keep looking for it and can't find it so maybe if I toss it out to you, one of you will know what it is called.

I THINK it was called Barefoot to Tea. But I can't find that.

I bought it at library book sale. It was old and hard covered and hardly read, you could tell by what nice condition it was in.

And I loved it.

It told the story of a young girl who meets this exotic boy whose parents owned a tea plantation. They grow up, marry, and she moves to this tea plantation. It tells their life there on the plantation, the python she thought was a log, the fear of malaria, the grass she longed for, how she hated boots to wear when she had all fancy shoes, the making of tea etc etc. It was thrilling. It ended when there was a war, and she moved to the US. I believe it to be a true story.

And, no doubt, I lent the book out. But to whom? I don't know.

And I miss this book and have searched google, the library, amazon...can't find it.


So, there, I have bemoaned my lost book to you.

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Anonymous said...

Check Amamzon?