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Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh I Wish I Were in Shipsi......

I am not supposed to be writing this today. I am not suppose to be home today. I am suppose to be in Shipsiwana (Shipsi), Indiana drinking fancy spancy coffee and eating just from the oven pretzels as I wander aimlessly through truly delightful girly stores with some of my favorite girls in the world (thankfully they are my mom, my sister and my sister in law...and kids).

Yummy coffee.


But instead I am home. We were dumped on with five inches of new snow (here at home) and more toward Indiana. In Indiana they had freezing rain. And I am truly stuck home because I have sick kids. As in, puking sick kids.

I don't like puke.

So, as I do mountains of laundry and dream of yummy coffee and warm from the oven pretzels I am singing in my head “Oh I wish I were in Shipsi” to the tune of “oh I wish I were in Dixie”.
Honestly, Dixie wouldn't be too bad either. It's warm in Dixie, isn't it?

I would put in Gone with the Wind but no doubt it would cause my boys to puke some more. It is sooooo a girl movie, I would be told.

Instead I am bemoaning my petty woes to all of you.

So I had better leave you with SOMETHING lighthearted...searching...searching...searching...

Got it.

Last night we took the puke bucket with us, the boys, I drove the suburban and hubby drove the secondary plow truck up to the main plow lot in anticipation for the upcoming snow. We were doing a plow driver shuffle and the truck needed to be there last minute. Really last minute. As in, all the boys were passed out sleeping soundly when we left at about 9:30 at night.

They were still sleeping when we got back home.

Hubby helped me carry in sleeping little boys while I cleaned puke (really, a funny part is coming up) and as everything got settled and everyone was tucked in I snuggled into bed thankful the end of the day.

Except I only assumed everyone was tucked in.

And I merely hoped my day was over.

Suddenly, I hear wailing from S4. I began to beg under my breath “please don't be sick again, please don't be sick...”

No, instead, I ended up laughing.

When S4 was carried into the house I thought it was odd he had gone right up to bed. And maybe he would have. But he had meant to take his coat off at the dining room table. Instead, he had laid down and fell soundly asleep, still in his coat, UNDER the table. He awoke confused. Feeling very slighted.

But all I could do is laugh.

And laugh some more.

And then Hubby, so S4 would know we really did remember we had him and truly did love him, pulled him onto the bed where he snuggled down between the two of us and was asleep in less than three seconds flat.


Apparently God knew more than me that I needed just one more moment in my day. Thank goodness.


Praise and Coffee said...

There are worse places to forget your kids than under the dining room table.

I hope you get to go to Shipsy soon!!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Sorry :(

Hope you get to Shipsy soon...