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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Camera was Hijacked

DO NOT READ if you are about to eat.
Some photos are not apatizing......
Recently, S2 asked if he could borrow my camera for something really cool he had done. I recalled Ihad just let him borrow the camera a day before and he had put it back right away so I let him again. I heard giggling.
folks, this is just a SMALL preview of the photos I found later on my camera. Every picture you see here, there were at LEAST three more JUST like it. Before I deleted them all, I figured I would show you what happens when a seven year old hijacks your pink digital camera....
Here it is, the moment that started the photos. He had eaten an egg and made this heart. Ahhh, cute, yes?
Then a photo of his brother who I think, by the looks of it, wanted his photo taken.This, dear folks, is a photo of S3's lost tooth. I warned you not to be eating..........

Here is our highly ambitious dog.

The teddy bears that he needed a photo of. I think there were FIVE differant photos of this...all in the same pose. Well, except for the three photos with the truck in front of them. I thought Iwould spare you all of those.

S4, hamming it up AGAIN.

And just in case I forgot who borrowed the camera, he took a photo of himself.

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love it when they hijack your camera... always makes me smile!