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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day with Four Boys

Taking a short break from Flo and Joanie to talk about Valentine's Day. Valentines' Day with four boys unromantic adventure.

They have to have valentine's day cards. They each have their own school party and three boys in elementary school is a lot of valentine's day cards. I have a hard time purchasing something for them that they don't care to fill out, that will just end up in the garbage at the end of the day and did I mention they just don't care?

I admire mom's who go all out for Valentine's Day. I really do. But it's one more area I fall short in the “cool mom” category. Or do I?

I do try to make the best of it. For instance, I ask them what kind of valentine's they would like...

S1 “Well, you know...anything hunting would be great.”

S2 “Red Wings. You HAVE to get Red Wings!”

S3 “Do they have blue? I want blue ones.”

S4 “You know, Moma.....LIGHTENING MCQUEEN!”

Great, the only one I have a chance of finding is for my four year old who doesn't go to school but has to have the valentine's like his big brothers.

So I headed off to the store. Obviously, they have no hunting valentines. But I found dinosaurs...which is no where close to hunting but at least it's totally boyish. I did find sports themed ones. There are no blue ones. I did find Scooby do ones though. And of course, CARS. At least one of my boys will be happy.

I looked at getting the candy ones. At least they would have candy to make up for the lack in cards but all the candy ones are soooooo expensive. They would be great if I had ONE child in school, but not three.

Why I mind buying Valentine's is because I would like the day to be special for the boys, but it's just not a boy kind of holiday. And I don't know how to make it special. Why can't we have a celebrate hunting day? THAT I could make special for my boys...then we would find hunting cards. Or, hockey appreciation day? But little boys aren't too interested in sending lovey dovey cards out. And if they were, I would be worried about them.

So I make the boys cookies. In the shape of hearts. Because the one way to make sure that my boys feel loved is a full tummy. So cookies I will make them. And why can I spend hours making special cookies for my boys? Because I LOVE my boys, but I don't' love all the kids in their classes. So, forgive me all 4th, 2nd and kindergarten just get flimsy cards my boys didn't want to fill out anyhow. But my boys will know beyond a doubt their Moma loves them, and that is more important to me by far.


Anonymous said...

YEP!!! That pretty much sums up our week too.;)


Karen said...

I also have 4 boys, and Valentine's Day seems to be one of those holidays that just gets a mediocre response from them. They did request that we make valentine's boxes here at home. So, I dug up a bunch of craft supplies, set everything up, helped them cover their shoeboxes...all this for them to spend about 30 seconds 'decorating' their boxes. Oh well. They keep checking their boxes to see if they have anything in there. So, I had a mommy 'aha' moment that I should actually get a couple small things to put in there (candy's always a hit). I plan to stick the stuff in there the night before and I can't wait to see their faces when they check their boxes Valentine's Day!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I agree -Valentine's Day is for girls.. really... and they ARE expensive!

I'm making my boys cupcakes tomorrow!