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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Night Hockey Game

Friday night we took the boys (minus S1, who was off hunting) to the local minor league hockey game. We had no idea who was playing them, we had no idea how they were doing but we were ready to go and have a great time.

It was dollar beer and hotdog night. This made Hubby giddy. That's a lot of hotdogs you can feed the family with. We loaded up before we sat down to enjoy the game.

The problem with it being dollar beer night...there are some crazy people (mostly guys) by the end of the game. Just take my word for it.

Hubby was surprised I was so “into” the game. Hey, all I had to do is sit and watch and since I had no jumping up to get something done it WAS fun. A lot of fun!

The boys really didn't remember going before. Our seats were about four rows up from the ice and we were right next to the locker room so when the team came on or off the ice, S2 was leaning as far down as he could to get high fives or touch the players sticks.

He was in his glory.

When he realized he could act like a crazy cheering fan with awesome dance moves and maybe make an appearance on the jumbo screen, he went insane. He made the screen. He was ecstatic.
During the period breaks, they have fun games or what not to watch. The first period break it was synchronized girl skating team from a local college. S4 was NOT impressed. Girls were not suppose to be skating at a BOY game. At all.

To add insult to injury they played Miley Cyrus's song “Party in the USA”. Sad as it is, I really like this song. S4 cannot STAND this song. Moma moving her hips and another girl insult was almost enough to make it an awful night to S4. There was soon a hockey fight in the next period so he guessed it was an alright night.

S3 was transfixed. By the game...sorta. A girl in front of us had one of those little hand-held video gamey things and he nearly fell on her once he was so intently watching the little screen. On our way out of the game (that they lost by one, but it was thrilling all the same), S3's glasses fell from his face. They were promptly stepped on. I will be at the eye doctors' next week getting them bent back into place. Thankfully the glass did not break.

Even with that, it was terrific night by all. Truly a great time. So great, all three boys fell sound asleep on the way home so Hubby and I could sorta pretend it was date...which meant we talked uninterrupted. That was worth the trip right there!

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