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Saturday, July 17, 2010

S2 And His Garden

S2 had spring fever probably worse than any of us. Before the time change, he was awake at six, he was out the door before seven and he played until we left for school. When he got home he literally dropped the book bag at the door and RAN outside to his 'garden'. When the snow was still on the ground he was scouting a spot. When the snow melted, he dug out child sized rakes and raked clean the grass. He has asked about every other day if we will get the rototiller out so he can plant some seeds.

His plan is to grow his own little garden, set up his own little stand at the farmer's market and sell his own produce. He would like to make one hundred dollars.

What will he grow? Oh, he's not sure yet.

What will he do with the 100 dollars? He's not too sure about that.

When does he want to start planting? Yesterday!

It is fun to watch him. I have ordered him a bunch of books from the library about kid's gardens. He struggles with reading and this project he is actually looking forward to learning more about and I will feed that just as much as I can.

He scouts out his Daddy's garden and will dig up things he feels Daddy has neglected. That had to be stopped.

We went to a greenhouse on the last day they were opened and he was ecstatic when the owner pointed to a huge mound of discarded vegetable plants and told him he could take all he wanted. For FREE.

He cleaned the place out.

He gingerly takes care of all the tomato plants he has rescued. When he got his first cucumber we cut it in teeny tiny pieces and layered it into our salad for dinner and he beamed with pride.

He notices any body else's tomatoes and has long conversations with him about them. He checks his tomatoes as soon as he gets up and again in the afternoon and just one more time before he goes to bed. He gives me updates all day how red certain tomatoes are getting.

The boy got his Daddy's love of gardening.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Love that boy!

Tomatos are vexing.
They'll just hang out, for WEEKS (well, it FEELS like it) as little green alien looking things on the vine. Weeks. Tell S2 that I check mine no less than 3 times a day and though the fruit is growing bigger, none of it is threatening to turn. Grrrrr.

How does he feel about peas, beans, beets and carrots?

Pictures, D. I could use some pictures of his garden! (You your spare time...)