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Saturday, July 3, 2010

We Went Camping...Last Thoughts

I love camping.

I don’t like the arrival to get there, I don’t like the process of packing up, and I don’t like hauling the camper.

I do, however, enjoy that first morning when I wake up and know I am in the middle of the woods in my outdated and cozy camper, about to make coffee for the girls I am camping with (seriously, we don’t skimp on coffee and cocoa. We pack too much, better to have too much than too little, we have a coffee pot, a French press, whipping cream, half and half, three creamers to choose from, and gourmet coffee….).

I love our days at the beach, where we sit and watch the kids play hard and shriek with laughter and I get to catch up with girls on our lives over the past year…because although we have all been together all year, we haven’t had time to just sit and be….

I love how for a few days, I don’t have to harp on the boys for one bit of chores. For a few days we get to just sit around and be a relaxed Moma and her four boys.

And I would never trade one of those moments for anything.

Thanks for sharing this camping trip with us. Look for new camping posts come August…

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