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Friday, July 23, 2010

SKYPEing with Fox 17

It's been awhile since I have talked about Fox 17 and Morning Mom updates and I really wanted to share this story with you all.

After our completely uneventful camping trip (a moment of silence as you all laugh hysterically, because I have more people telling me how hard they laughed at the naked shower incident. I still can't believe it happened...or that I posted it.). For whatever reason, my most favorite news people wanted to chat about our camping trip.

And they wanted to SKYPE.

I've never SKYPEd. The whole idea frightens me. I mean, other than the fact that I get red and blotchy all over my neck and upper chest when nervous, embarrassed, stressed, scared, laughing too hard, driving with a seat belt on, eating ketchup.....well, you get the idea....there is the whole WHAT COULD HAPPEN while on LIVE TV.

I live with my boys. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I KNOW.

And besides, I've seen people SKYPE. It seems like it's hard to catch the delay well. Awkward. And I like talking on the phone. It works well for me. But for them I am willing to go out of my comfort my husband has been surprised to see (talk to strangers, no prob! drive far far far away? sure! go places I have never been before? why not? Leave my little farm? Happy to! Out of my shell, people, and it's GREAT FUN!)

So, I woke the boys early. To them. Jr was over, and one can only imagine the chaos. Hubby was home from work that morning, oddly enough, because he was working nights. And he absolutely did not want to me on camera. So while setting up the computer (iphoto booth ROCKS on my mac. I turn it on, we see how scary we look in the morning and adjust lights as best as possible) my hubby was calling out ideas and reminding me not to be nervous and then dunking and diving to be sure to NOT be TV.

As we sat in front ready to go, Jr filled his diaper. Loudly. What could I do? They couldn't smell it, so we smiled and waved to the news people we watched. Mike waved a donut in front of the camera as we were waiting, I heard four boys tummies growl.

And honestly, I ate it up, watching them get ready for the news they had to report on. Fox 17 is funny, entertaining, caring, high energy, willing to laugh at themselves and really know how to report the news in a fresh way....even if I hadn't been chosen to be Morning Mom, I would say this. They are that great. And watching them behind the scenes on my mac computer screen, well, I had new appreciation of them again. And I honestly do feel these people are good friends, even if I have never met them living face to living face before.

So we did the live shot and as usual, once chatting with them I feel like I am just sitting at the dining room table chatting, cuz, well, I am. The boys were sleepy. They were momentarily tongue tied. Jr ate up being on live tv. You can watch it HERE. We ended the bit and S3 let one fly. And I nearly gagged.

For the next segment, I really wanted to see if we could pull of having the computer being outside. Since the boys all but live outside all the time, where better to be? And then they all wanted to show off frogs and snakes and chickens. But it was cold (thankfully) so we just grabbed chickens.

Jr loves chickens. He was thrilled.

S1 has his pet chicken, named Broadhead after an arrow broadhead. But it just so happens that the morning anchor is named Sarah Brodhead. You can imagine how that would appear.

We found the place we thought would be best and when the time got to be close, we huddled around the computer.

Along with a million out of nowhere mosquitoes.

As we seen the commercial coming to an end and knew we would be up next, S4 suddenly decided he could not hold the chicken anymore, it being a nice healthy fat hen. Fat means HEAVY. Suddenly, he drops the hen.

It flies through the air.

Toward my computer.

I would do a great many things to protect my computer.

And I also wasn't aware of what great live TV this would make, cutting to us as a giant hen flies toward the viewers.

But it missed us.

No one seen the hen. And the segment went just fine and dandy. You can watch it HERE and let me know if you can tell we were trying to regroup just as we came on.

(notice the Praise and Coffee mug? Coffee is ALWAYS near!)

I never know what will happen. I have more than a few people telling me they wished that there was a camera running here all the time (I am soooooooo glad there isn't. No one should know how many loads of laundry and dishes I really have to do.) But it was a fun morning, chatting about Canada and on Canada Day and having Hubs home to watch us and snap a few photos.

It always amazes me that Fox 17 really does seem to enjoy chatting with us, that we are entertaining, cuz to us it's just regular daily life.

But Fox 17 makes it much more fun, our daily life. And I am forever grateful to them.

(You can become fans of Fox 17 HERE. Stay tuned next week...we will be visiting THE studio. I am soooooooo excited. Mom and I went shopping and we found an adorable outfit...with a scoop neck. Working on being brave enough to wear it...I'll keep you updated..........)


Mari said...

It was great to see those clips! You guys were great!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I loved it! I watched with the boys, and they really wanted to see the critters...

Darlene Schacht said...

I loved watching the clip. How fun!! Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and this is just one more thing to be thankful for. The heart-pumping, make you want to scream-out-loud blessings that God brings to our every day lives. Awesome!