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Monday, May 3, 2010

New Morning Mom Updates

I am typing this blog to you all on my new MacBook Pro wide screen notebook. My fingers are on the keys and I still cannot believe it is really truly fully mine.

And, to those of you following for awhile, you realize that my computer had died a painful death of virus eating disease and left us. My wonderful hubby had purchased me a little notebook and our thought is when we got around to getting a computer we would. But when does one get around to such things when life is happening at such a fast pace around you?

I am overwhelmed.

When the vehicle with FOX 17 pulled in, I was stunned. They really had truly shown up. Before they had arrived I had cleaned the house like a mad woman with my mom, who had graciously loaned me her vacuum. I had been sure that leading up to the news' arrival, the washing machine was going to explode, the dryer was going to start on fire, the refrigerator would die, the pipes would know, Murphy's Law and all? But it was only my vacuum and while I may morn the loss, my mom could easily help with that 'catastrophe'.

AS was just as sweet as sweet as can be. She greeted me with a hug and while I may have been suddenly scared and nervous and frightened I would sound hillbilly foolish, she was as kind as any one could be and I am so holding her to making jam together later in the season. Because making jam with friends is much more fun than making jam alone...and friends I do believe we have become!

Tech Guy D was as funny and laid back and unworried about no high speed and I am confident in his tech abilities. I have no doubt that later this week I will be filling you in how for the very first time in my life I have high speed. I have that much confidence in Tech Guy D.

They wanted to get some video footage of the house and me in my 'element'. I went to show them around like a little country girl tour guide but as soon as we left my cozy dining room where I spend any visiting time anyhow, I suddenly froze. The bedroom was unmade and still had piles of laundry. The upstairs was scary. I abruptly suggested we head outside. We wandered to the asparagus patch, I rattled on and on and on and on. When nervous, stressed, happy, sad, overcome with any emotion good or bad, or eating anything as spicy as ketchup...I get all red and blotchy looking. If I so much as think "I hope I am not red and blotchy" I will get red and blotchy. I am sure Tech Guy D videoed my red blotches. I am confident AS was the sweetest to not even so much as mention it. I am forevermore thankful I just get to call in for the first 'morning mom update' so I can hopefully feel much more at ease for the day I go "live". Do not be shocked to see me in a turtle neck....

I know I was screaming red and blotchy the whole afternoon.

And they still decided to keep me as morning mom. I forewarned them the chaos of some mornings and they still laughed with me without thinking us insane. My dogs nearly plowed them over and then loved all over them. People showed up to buy asparagus, looked oddly at the news vehicle, glanced nervously at us, and still bought asparagus and went on their way never saying a word or asking a question. Funny stuff.

So my new friends went on their way, I came back into the house where S4 had long since given up on us and fell soundly asleep UNDER the dining room table, seen the computer and just cried. I was so overwhelmed with thankfulness.

I called my hubby to share in the moment. Sniffing and wiping my eyes he let me ramble on until he said "honey, that is great and all, but have you checked the asparagus? Did you get any picked? Hows it selling?" So I shucked off my nice clothes for old shorts and a tank and headed back to reality, my smile unerasable.


Kristine said...

Congrats to you on being selected as the Morning Mom :) I'll have to start watching the Fox 17 show in the morning

Sue Ellen said...

Congrats! A star is born!!! Enjoy your fame....sounds like you deserve it!!!~~~Sue

Jenna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am always happy to meet a fellow mom to 4 boys :) Our lives are never boring!

Morning Mom, that sounds exciting. Good luck with that.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I am so excited for you!!! I wish I had Fox 17!!!!