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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Desperate Day Calls for Red High Heels or Painted Toes

Today was beautiful. So very close your eyes and soak in the sun and sigh and thank God for such beauty.

Wonderful day.

And I had mountains of laundry to do. I think we have spoken before on such things. But lets just put it this way, my mother seen my laundry pile and told me to go to the laundry mat...and start purging boys clothes too.

I was working on enjoying the chore of hanging the clothes on the line because the lilacs were hanging in there for me. I could drink in their intoxicating sweet smell.

So, I am working on hanging clothes on the line, cleaning carpets (a long story I won’t bore you with) and S4 informs me he isn’t feeling well. This is unlike him. He laid on the couch and informed how his tummy, his legs, his head, his toes all hurt. And then he napped so I know he wasn’t feeling well. I brought down all his stuffed animals, tucked him in on the couch, filled his favorite Lightning cup with Gatorade, sat by his side when he asked.

Yet, when he was in the bathroom puking he stops and says “See, I told you I had to frow up”. What’s the point with arguing with a four year old.

As he continued to not feel well and run for our one toilet in the house to puke or not to, he would ask me to sit with him and rub his back. He’d hold his hand up and show me a fist, fingers, hand...however it was he felt he needed his back rubbed. It totally cracked me up but I couldn’t laugh at him. That would be mean.

So, I was cleaning puke and doing laundry. You can see how my day was going. And on facebook, two of my friends on opposite sides of the country who do not know each other were also lamenting laundry.

It was in the air, I tell ya.

So what did I do with one of my friends? We looked up red high heels. Because that is what you do when you are folding laundry and feeling unstylish.

I have long dreamed of wearing dark jeans and a cute blouse and RED HEELS. And I found a pair I just love. But they are eighty dollars. I can buy a lot of groceries for eighty dollars. (and they are sold out)


I was thinking of the cute outfit I could have, the Broadway show I could see, the glamour I may one day find as I was rubbing S4’s back and waiting for him to puke when I noticed how badly my unpainted toes look.

So, as soon as dinner was done, I grabbed my nail polish, sat on the stool in the kitchen, and painted my toe nails. My hubby was very late for dinner (never got home till quarter to nine) or he would have joined my boys in thinking I had truly gone crazy.

Girl crazy.

Cuz sometimes, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do. And if a girl has to pass on beautiful shoes, fold camo laundry, clean puke, resteam clean the carpet, well, at least she can do it with her toes a beautiful shade of NYPD Beet. I feel much better now! (as does S4, who after puking got ALL BETTER in time for Hubby to come home....I'm glad he is better but you know how it goes, Hubby is wondering if he really was sick.)


Mari said...

I remember those days. Glad he's feeling better and so glad he has a Mom who was there to rub his back today.
PS - I love those shoes!

thegypsymama said...

Girlfriend, you and me BOTH! I've got my own toes deep maroon and it helps me beat the crazy back around our place as well!

:) Lisa-Jo

Jennifer said...

Mine color of choice for my toes is passionate plum. I just feel happy when my toes are happy. Wink!

The Farmer's Wife said...

The color I love for my toenails is "I'm Not Really A Waitress" from OPI. I don't know if it's the color I love, or just that I laugh when I think about the name of the polish. My FORMER favorite color was, "My Chihuahua Bites". Isn't that the bomb?!

I am SAD beyond sad that we can't find the right shoes. And when we do, they are sold out. It proves we have taste, though. I'm still looking! Are you?