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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fox 17 Morning Mom update...Izzo

On May 11th, Fox 17 sent us out to see Izzo Does Broadway.

It was my very first time going to any sort of Broadway show. Ever. I have always wanted to go. I have even watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and write down what shows I would like to go to. Really. Pitiful but really.

In school I was in a play. Once. It was fun.

And I have serious stage fright.

But I still had fun.

So I was ecstatic to go. Hubby, not so much. As in, not at all. The only saving grace was that it was dealing with a VERY good coach so it must not be too bad.

We found out seat easily enough. I was enthralled with the sights. Truly felt like a country mouse visiting the city mouse. Everything was beautiful. The women's jackets were beautiful! That's when I thought perhaps I should think about shopping more often than when just necessity dictates style. The walls change color while you wait. The building is just beautiful.


We sat seven rows from the stage. We sat in and amongst people we have seen in papers and on the news and who have buildings named after them. Hubby was rethinking wearing jeans.

But the show began and I laughed and laughed and was awestruck and amazed and laughed some more and blown away and I really want to learn to tap dance.

Hubby seen me drinking it all in and knew I was hooked. And that there was no turning back for me.

I also have decided that I am a staunch MSU fan and they have the cutest clothes ever and I so need to find some. Somewhere. Like the girls green t's and the adorable jackets. Hubby thought the Cheer teams outfits were a little more the style he thought I should invest in, ha! Ha!

After the show, we were invited up to the VIP room. I was thrilled at the idea. I had visions of the show Commander in Chief or something like that where they show the press room all the time. I couldn't wait to see the journalist in action.

Except that isn't what we found at all.

It was an ornately decorated room. Beautiful flowers cascading in vases. Green "S" on white carnations. Who's who of who we just had sat near.

I couldn't hardly take it all in.

Hubby was thrilled because there were tables laden with food. There were servers carrying food to us. It was amazing.

The light wasn't so great though so this is the only shot of me that sorta kinda turned out.

Even in the dimness, you can see Hubby's total delight at all the food. Literally, he ate all the desserts of his favorite kind off one server's tray! I think they sorta got a kick out of him!

It was a beautiful night. I could not stop beaming the entire night long. Fox 17 couldn't have been nicer to us. Or spoiled us more! Thank you ever so much!

(and Hubby, I snagged next years calendar, maybe, pretty please, I could go back???? )

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