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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flip Flops for S4

This morning as I sat on my couch before we were headed to school, I thought how boring my mornings have been lately. I find this peaceful, and a little frightening. At any moment, I think total chaos will reign. And I fear it will be when I am skyping to Fox. That would just about figure.

But my morning wasn't slow forever. We had to find shoes. And when I say we needed to find shoes I mean we had to find the shoes of EVERYONE before we could leave. I mean, really, how hard is it to remember where you left them? It should be simple.

Should is a key word.

My sister tells us all that we should just take care of something in the first place and how wonderful our life would be if we would. That is the reason I have my sister come help me clean. I mean, I think her theory is GREAT, it's just that I can't usually put things back where they belong because those places always seem to be piled with laundry or I have to put them some great hiding place so Sadie doesn't find them and chew them to smithereens instead of her Kongs or chew bones.

Anyhow, this is the the story I have for you. It's a lead in. I just had to mention how wonderful my sister is and how complete opposites we are. Back to the shoe story.

Well, S4's favorite fast running crocs that were really too small for him got chewed up last night. It was tragic for him but just meant that I was finally forced to go to to town to get supplies I desperately needed but had been putting off (like a vacuum, since mine broke. And that makes me further believe that carpet is part of the curse. I mean, who thought inventing carpet would be a brilliant idea for a family of boys on a farm? Moving on...). And besides, he had is super cool can't run in them at all Lightning McQueen flip flops we had JUST purchased.

Except, those broke.

And that made me mad. Some great mom I am.

This is why it made me as mad as it did...

We just bought them. And that was a process.

S4 is the hugest fan ever of Lightening McQueen in the movie Cars. He loves Cars. He loves it so much we are on our second DVD of it because he literally wore the first one out. For some reason this spring, he decided he wanted to get some Lightening McQueen FLIP FLOPS. He has never had flip flops before but he was not about to budge on this. When we were at Walmart, we seen the flip flops, they were five dollars and I was thrilled (really, that giddy feeling you get) to have found the EXACT thing he wanted and get it for him. What fun! Even better, they were the LAST ones in his size.

When I went to check out, we soon realized that they were also the flip flops with no bar codes on them. The lady checking us out flicked on her light giving me evil glares from the five other people behind me in the only two lanes open. When she had run all my items through, no one had shown yet so I suggested she end my order and would she mind if I ran the flip flops over to the customer service desk to pay for them instead of making everyone wait. The flustered woman agreed.

So, I gathered up the steam needed to push a grocery cart full of bagged groceries and dog food and arrived at the customer service desk where I waited patiently with no sighs of irritation for their friendly conversation to end so they could get back to their job with the only customer at the counter....and then I explained where the shoes are and if I could get a bar code so I could buy them. She looked toward the back of the store. I could tell she didn't want to go back there. "Maybe I can find someone back there if I call....." she began.

Good grief! I could SEE the flip flops! So I suggested she watch the cart, I grabbed S3 and S4 by the hand (the other two were at school) and ran to the back of the store, grabbed the flip flops and ran back. "Wow" the customer service person said, "that was fast."

So she rang them up. I paid my five dollars plus tax for the shoes and left. But the grin on S4's face was worth it. His elation at wearing them was joyful for me.

When they broke.....well, now you know why I was mad.

And since you see the smile on S4's face, you know I will probably try to find another pair.


Laanykidsmom said...

Yeah....Wal-mart = Not my favorite store. Good luck trying to find more flip-flops!

ValAnn said...

Isn't it lovely when the little things like flipflops make them so happy! I can't wait to hear your story about driving around to every walmart in Michigan trying to find the replacement pair! : )

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am a flip flop LOVER.....ADDICTED...

Love your blog..

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