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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mom Colored Glasses

Isn't that a great title?

It's not mine...I took it...from a friend of mine who featured me on her great website. The website, as you may have now guessed, is Mom Colored Glasses.

Rachel and I met at Breathe's Writer's Conference two years ago. I wasn't sure what I was there for, I wasn't sure what she was there for, I did know she was teaching a class at the conference and she knew such things that are important words to me that others didn't seem to Face book. Twitter.

A blogger who was on facebook and had a twitter account?!?! I loved her.

Our paths have crossed here and there and I enjoy when she and I can connect over something in cyber world. She and a small team have begun a website called "Mom Colored Glasses" and they run it so professionally. Every week they ask for a mom to "profile" and this time they asked me.

I honestly was so honored that she asked.

So, I am linking the post I wrote and the interview. If you get a chance, link to some other search out some other interviews too. Some of the recent ones include local celebrities Michele DeSelms, Rachel Ruiz but the fun one to look for is Anna Dewdney of "Llama Llama" books (what kid doesn't like those?)

So please, favorite this website in your list of sites to check out, follow them on facebook and twitter, and Please oh Please, read the post and profile and leave some comment love.

Thanks, have a great weekend!!!!!! I am now pushing "publish" and headed out to pick strawberries on my sunburned knees (I got lost in a new Susan May Warren book (My Foolish Heart) yesterday when I took the boys to the beach and my knees got the brunt of the sun), then we get to pick asparagus and then I shall drink my starbucks via recipe from Becca and hope to not pass out from exhaustion. It's bound to be a GREAT weekend - if I don't come across the black rat snake that seems to have taken residence in our strawberry patch...somewhere. Wish me the best!

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