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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Truck Got Stuck and I Got it Out

My husband and I were out with the boys picking asparagus - as usual - in the evening. It went much faster than we had thought it would go and as I hopped in his big green Dodge truck that he loves so very much (cuz, I know it's a truck, but there are vehicles we do my 87 Chevy short-box pickup (manual transmission) or my 1972 cherry apple red Nova).

When I pick asparagus with my hubby, he drives the truck out. We crank the country music and it helps the time seem more like a party than just a lot of work.

Anyhow, we got done, I hopped in the truck and as we turned around in the to be pumpkin patch he said "Wow, these weeds just aren't so bad this year, are they?'

Because we are farmers. We comment and take note of weeds and color of dirt and how the heavy the soil is.

"Wonder what it's like over the hill?" he mumbled and we drove the truck up the little knoll down the next near the huge maple tree that I love. The tree is monstrous. I take pictures of it but they never do it justice.

I thought to myself how it was good to see it wasn't flooded in the little dip of the land over by the maple tree about the same time my husband thought to himself "Oh, it could be a little wet here". Neither one of us mentioned it to the other.

But we should have because we sunk.


In thick slimy mud.

I have never gone "mudding" when someone drives their vehicles through mud in a the middle of fields. I am always too worried that the truck would get stuck or broken or the wear of the mud on the working moving parts of a vehicle would ruin it.

I am fully aware that I am my father's daughter (he is a mechanic).

But those who do go mudding speak of it with such enthusiastic joy that I was curious to see how this would go for us. My expert driver of a husband (really, he is) nearly got us out.


But not quite.

So we walked back to the house where the boys were waiting for us. "WHAT?!" S4 exclaimed, "Where is the truck?"

"Moma got it stuck," his Daddy said not missing a beat.

S4 looked questioningly at me. Just this week we were about to get thunderstorms so I had driven the Dodge out to the field to listen to the weather on the radio. We had crossed through the big puddle in the trail (the one you seen the boys bathe in in the previous post) and mud had flung up over the cab making my passengers - S3 and S4 - get wide eyed and scream "Whoa! That was soooo cool!" and make me instantly much cooler of a moma. I knew this was running through his head.

"Moma?" he asked sadly, as if he were afraid to know the truth, "Did you?"

"No! I'm gonna go get it out," I assured him.

So my husband started up the MF tractor and we headed out to the field.

I must admit my heart did little pitter patters of love to sit next to him on the tractor. I even got a kiss. I so love being a farmer's wife!

But I have never been pulled out a mud pit before so I was more than a little nervous as he hooked the chain to me, began doing all those hand motions that men all seem to know and women look at them as if they are trying to decide if they just made those up right then and there and how on earth are we ever to know what this or that means.

But it went as smooth as can be.

And I just loved seeing S4's eyes as I roared through the giant puddle and rumblingly arrived in the middle of the yard.

Yah, I know my husband pulled out his truck with his tractor in the mud pit he got stuck in, BUT I drove the unstuck truck into the yard.

And that's all that counts.

And it's the story S4 will proudly tell you.

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Amy said...

I think it's so stinking cute that you loved sitting next to him on the tractor seat and being a farmers wife and getting a kiss.

Last night J and I were re-living a night when we first began to date, and I ended up blushing big time. He then teased the crap outa me. I love that after 10 yrs he can still make me blush.