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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Husband

Happy Birthday, Hunky Husband!!!!!

I am ever so thankful for you.

Thanks for marrying me a zillion years ago and thanks for being a ton older than me.

I love that you hold me in your strong arms and then "rest your eyes" watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies just cuz you know I love them so.

You are THE hardest working man I know, and your giddiness to work makes me giggle. Still.

It's so much fun to see you play with the boys and hear you spend hours talking to them.

Your growth in knowing God more blows me away.

You are so opposite me you make me better.

And I am most thankful for....
You are so much taller so I get to wear big spiky heels.
Thank you for that.

I love you from the tips of my bare frozen toes to the top of my strawberry scented hairspray head.

I am ever so thankful to wake up next to you and sing happy birthday.

And I hope I get to do that for another fifty years or more.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday JD! Next year you'll be old (40) like me, just 6 days earlier...Guess who!?

Denise said...

He says Marc E.