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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Husband Was on the Red Green Show

On Thanksgiving, the boys were watching the Red Green Show.

Because they wouldn't be caught wasting their time watching the Macy's Parade with their Moma.

Anyhow, my husband suddenly asked the boys to rewind it a little.  And then he hollered for me to come see this too.

They had finally made a character that was my husband nearly to T.  Seriously.

My husband has this weird love affair of Buick Century's.  We currently have FOUR in our yard.

And he also has this thing with disposable coffee cups.  You know, those "to go" cups?  Yah, he loves those too.

We have talked about his love of coffee before.

And here was a skit on the Red Green Show that had us all laughing.

So, I took out my flip cam and taped it off the tv because I couldn't find it on youtube or on Red's website.  Sorry for the graininess of it, we have an ancient old tv.  Literally.

But you'll get the idea.


And for a blast from the past, read our post about when We Met Red Green.

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