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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching You Up on Christmas Vacation Happenings

It's Christmas Vacation, and therefore it means it's been forever and a day since I have blogged "regularly."

Or so it feels like it's been forever and a day.

The boys are pretty happy it's Christmas break.
 Or at least I think that's why S3 and S4 look so silly.
It's been amazing mild wonderful weather the last few days.

So nice in fact that the boys spent it outdoors playing like it was spring.

Which meant they got super muddy.
 And S2 couldn't figure out why no one wanted to ride with him...nor did he realize the yard is nothing but mud on the trail that he created.

You can watch one of his jumps HERE on youtube.
 But he was exceptionally happy with it all.  And I was happy for him...and all the boys being able to play outside.
 Until they took my bath towels to clean off the mud.  Then I was glad I had stocked up on Tide before the break.

The weirdest and silliest and saddest thing that happened to the boys when they were playing outside was when S3 found the Christmas mole.

 Technically, he did NOT find it but our dog did.  And after researching it on google it was found that moles do not, in fact, make good pets.  They are very shy and do not like to be handled.  They also carry parasites.

If the mole falls on your bare feet, you will be shocked at how the nose is as cold and feels as squishy as it looks in the picture.  Take my word for it.

I recalled a movie I watched once with S4 where a mole was trying to take over the world using kitchen appliances (I musta been being a great mom to have watched such a movie with him) but the mole looked pretty harmless to us.
But we let it go.  Today, a few days after these photos were taken, the boys found a dead mole.  Certain it was THIS mole, S3 and S4 held a funeral for it, burying it and leaving a stake for the headstone with a paper they had me write on reading, "Eli and Abraham's Friend Dead Mole that is right here".

It's been a great Christmas break that is going by  much too quickly.  We have been the normal insanely busy and then had slow moving days (like today).

I have been used as a shield by my husband as he was having a nerf gun war with the boys.  I felt ever so loved and protected then.

My husband got me a fancy spancy new camera and I haven't yet downloaded the pictures from there to the computer.  I should probably do a post of all the silly pictures you take as soon as you get a new camera. I am sure you all will appreciate the nicer quality photos when I get the time to play with it more.

The magazine comes out in a few days - squeal! In the magazine there is an article talking about One Word.  It's when you take a word and think on it and concentrate on it for a whole year - brining meaning and being like a resolution.  I can't figure out what word to use at all. It's driving me INSANE. I broke down and asked my husband.  He told me I should choose "Lucky" because I am married to him. I then told him how true he was and decided to ask someone else.

We just finished up the last of the groceries that the Christmas Stranger purchased us.  That still can bring me to tears.

It's been a great Christmas, as I hope it has been for all or you as well.  Even with the lack of snow, I believe this to be the best break and Christmas in, well, maybe ever.  Yes, that good.

And I just wanted to take a moment to say hello to you all.  How I have missed blogging!  But it has also been so great just vegging with the family and visiting with friends these past few weeks.

Tell me how you all are! And I promise to be blogging regularly again very very very soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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