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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Blahs

It's January First, the happy New Year Day.

But the sinus cold/headache/misery from 2011 has followed me into 2012.


On Friday I walked into the small town pharmacy where Chris knows everyone's name and whom I trust exceptionally well.  I said, "My husband (uh, I should give the disclaimer here he swears this cold did not come from him, he says my cold is WAY worse than me) gave me a stinking cold and I hurt from here to here." Pointing my cheek bones to my forehead.  He handed me sudafed and after giving him all sorts of information so the government doesn't thinking I'm making meth (sheesh, have you tried to buy sudafed lately? It's insane!) I was told to drink lots of fluids and get some rest.

Coffee counts for fluids, right?

And rest? Hahahahaha!  The boys were watching me take yet another dose of sudafed (S3 helps me keep track of when four hours are up) and asked me why I needed so much medicine.  When I told them I was sick, S4 asked paniced "Wait! Who is going to take care of us if you are sick?"

"I'll take care of you," I assured him, "It's what Moma's do."

"But," he asked after a moment, "Who will take care of you, Moma?"

That's the million dollar question.  I seriously considered calling my mom and begging her to come take care of me...which would mean, of course, taking care of me and FIVE boys.

I just didn't know how good I had it when I was little and sick.

I never thanked my mom enough for being such a great mom.

And I don't think I'll ever outgrow needing my mom.

Hubs just told me take a nap...but there's too much to do. I told him there is much to do and it would make the day go too in the morning and then if I take a nap all I have time for is church at night.  He told me today may be a day I want to forget anyhow.

I can't disagree totally.  My head is stuffy and hurts.  My throat is sore.  It's so windy I can feel the wind entering our drafty farmhouse.  It's beginning to snow and I vehemently despise snow.  My knee hurts, I fear it's a sign of getting old.

I know I am whining.

Maybe today would be a good day to forget.

But the rest of 2012 has to get better than this.

Tomorrow, though, TOMORROW the magazine comes out.  Tomorrow is the Rose Parade and I LOVE the Rose Parade.  I watched it on RFDTV last year and was so impressed with their coverage and farm tid bits that I am planning on watching it on that station again.  Then I have to immediately flip the station over to HGTV because I find great joy in watching the new Dream House and seeing where they have built it and what someone's idea of a dream house is.  I love these traditions on New Years Day.  I always end up taking down Christmas decorations and in the feel of a new year, I start washing the walls and windows to start the new year all sparkly clean.  That's New Years to me.

This icky snowy day with an intense football game (Lions versus Packers...I have family on either side) does NOT feel like New Years to me.

So I'll just pretend the new year starts tomorrow.

Works for me!

Hope your New Years is going grandly though!

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Cindy Bultema said...

Happy New Year to you and your boys!
Hope you're feeling better soon! And I can't wait to see the Winter edition of the magazine! Woo Hoo!
God's richest blessings to you in the 2012!
Love to you~
Cindy :)